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Ebay down aug 23 2013?

Anybody else having this problem? Can't log in at all and I need to ship out three items today.... Never seen this happen before so it's worrying. I understand sites have maintenance periods but I guess I'd just feel better if I knew I wasn't alone? Thanks!


Cool, thanks for the input. Tough spot to be in when your entire business relies on eBay being live - I guess all websites have to have maintenance from time to time, though. Hopefully the customers will understand - I know I would were roles reversed. It's not like eBay can do the updates/maintenance at night time when there's less activity! ;-)

Fingers crossed it gets sorted sooner rather than later. Thanks again for the input. I don't feel so all alone out there anymore!

Update 2:

Interesting article, Shane. Note it was written in 2000, though. I'd imagine they've made improvements since then - if they hadn't, I highly doubt they'd have become even a fraction as successful as they have become. eBay has a lot of different quirky policies and guidelines, but overall I'm not unhappy with the service. The seller's fees can get pricey (especially for a seller like myself who sells maybe 5-10 items/month, but I just figure it's the advertising we're paying for. And sometimes you really do strike gold! - whether on the buying or selling end...

Still, the article mentioned something about how eBay ought to be more caring for their users (that is, extend auctions for the length of the outage, refund final value fees when something goes wrong, etc) .... I also agree that there ought to be a more obvious announcement about this supposed "planned outage" - I'm on and off ebay multiple times per day and the first I heard of the

Update 3:

Seems it's all over the web. eBay sure is a massive biz! Feelin' for you guys out there that have so much to keep up with. Getting back up to speed doesn't sound like a fun process you're inevitably facing.

Update 4:

Errr - thanks for that visual, there Jacob! 0_o

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  • 8 years ago
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    Still down in uk but only seems to be on my android app, its working on pc but just not on mobile :/

  • 8 years ago

    It's down in the UK too. Sometimes we can log in, other times we cannot - it keeps saying wrong user id or password! Also, we seem to have 'adopted' someone else's listing for several Samsung Galaxy S4's ! Even more worrying is that we are on the UK site and they are from Florida and on the US site!!

    After the fiasco earlier this year when we lost all our listings (along with many / most other sellers) we are now looking at closing our account on ebay (and we have an ebay shop) and re-vamping our own website to include live stock level and prices by linking to Excel and Sage on the company server - not much of a loss for ebay, we only pay a few hundred pounds per month, but if enough people started closing their accounts and looking at alternatives to sell their goods then MAYBE ebay will sit up, take notice and sort themselves out !!

  • 8 years ago

    Yes. At least it will never be as bad as this site. I came here to ask a question if sellers are obligated to sell at a last low bid price during an outage, but the question is stuck in limbo. I used no foul or questionable language either.

    Yahoo sucks.


    koorosh, that system announcement was published AFTER the time they said the system would be up again. I checked that announcement page several times beginning 30 minutes before the announcement popped up. When it did, it was 1:03am PT (today is Friday morning). And it said maintenance was over at 1:00am PT.

    It is now 2:04am. So I wouldn't believe it.

  • 8 years ago

    (UK) been down from 7.23am, now 11.06am still down, initially I was worried I had been hacked etc. but a little calmer now everyone is saying the same however I shall be expecting a full credit on listing fees for all my items that are unable to receive bids this morning when I had many, many watchers. I would advise others to do the same, I'm expecting to loose around £50 per hour whilst ebay is down, currently I expect to be out of pocket by around £200 and the clock is ticking - for people thinking ebay will react to threatening to close your seller account, they won't. The best we can hope for is a little compensation but ebay is like being in an abusive relationship, yes, you can choose to leave but will you ever? No, Exactly.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes it's down as of 04:26 AM mountain. I just lost two auctions out of the Netherlands, expensive items. I guess the seller didn't need to sell them tonight. Been watching these 18th century items for days and days. I wonder how many folks gave up and said screw it.

    Maybe the NSA needed to put their hooks into the transactions so they can send the data to the IRS. I am done trying to bid on European auctions. I guess Ebay has no regard for other time zones other than the USA.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    13:15pm. (UK). Have had problems all morning.

    Can't sell; lose all account details: 'Active' reads '0' when there are items on sale; uploading of photos has been a hit and a miss!! Mostly 'miss!'

    This is a dreadful glitch.

    I am reading it isn't just in the UK either!

    I wonder whether ebay will consider their customers after this?? Debatable, eh!

    Yes, there are always going to be technical glitches but this really takes the biscuit!

  • 8 years ago

    Ebay was down 9-12 hours depending on your location, but apparently came back up about 2 hours ago. Very interesting time for this "outage" with the two Ina Steiner online stories breaking about ebay doing away with the policy compliance features on seller dashboards and ebay removing transparency as it cracks down on sellers. Similarly, the recommendation by Jim Cramer to SELL ebay stock came yesterday...

    Source(s): news media
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I got repeated updates on my Android phone asking me to log in to my account - about ten in a two minute period. Trying to log in to check was a nightmare - I was worried someone was trying to access my account remotely - looks like some on here have suffered as someone has said their account now showing as selling items they haven't put onto sell themselves?

    I eventually got on and changed my password, now all seems better except when browsing listings there appears to be no 'detail' about the items etc.

    I really think Ebay should put out some sort of announcement about this - maybe someone has tried to hack large numbers of accounts through complex code etc? this might explain why it was so difficult to log on as many thousands might have been trying simultaneously?

  • 8 years ago

    You are not alone. I have been trying to get on to ebay for a while now with no luck. I have tried using the ebay app as well as their main site and both are down. I do not know what the problem is but I hope it is fixed soon as I have items to ship.

  • 8 years ago

    All us eBay sellers should get some compensation from ebay for this mess today. They take enough money from sellers and they can not even keep their site running properly.

    even a discount on our fees for this week would be ok.

    i can not understand why the site needs that much maintenance.

    they are constantly messing with it. every week some thing has changed on the pages, different colour buttons, different symbols or different size fonts, sometimes its so confusing and i have been selling on ebay for over 10 years. it like the people who are employed to do that thing at ebay are trying to keep themselves in a job by making up things to change on ebay. i just hope they dont kill it one day

  • 8 years ago

    I too cannot access ebay, I am in the uk and I have tried both iphone app, google search and safari. Have also done the same on an iPad and laptop.

    Have tried calling and it says "due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to take your call, please try again later."

    Don't you think a mass courtesy email would of been nice from eBay but no, when it is you at fault they are on your case and don't stop but when they are at fault they could not give a monkeys.

    I too also get the log in error incorrect user name/password and I also when I manage to log in (rare) I have server timed out or am flashed back to sign in page

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