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what should i do if my questions are being targeted and falsely reported/ deleted?

two questions so far of mine have been targeted, they have been deleted and i recieved violations, they were reported.

those questions were not a violation of guidelines at all, the first question was '' does the uk have a history of having tornadoes ? '' -

and the second question was'' Why have many peoples answers been deleted from my last question? ''

two innocent questions and they are being reported and im getting violations , im getting frustrated as i really dont know what to do or how to handle this ?.........................ive had this account since july 2012 and i dont want to lose it.

id appreciate any help or advice on what to do ?

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    The firs t reported question was not a violation and that should be won on appeal but you have to be more patient to hear back. That is addresed in 2 questions you have asked about it.

    Then again today

    The question asking "Why have many peoples answers been deleted from my last question?" may have been considered by someone as a rant although IMO it wasn't and i did answer it..

    About being stalked it doesn't appear that you are being stalked as you are not being reported many times very quickly and all in the same category, as long as you are winning appeals when you are reported then those reporting you will lose their ability to drop your questions.

    I think the best thing you can do is Relax and not take Y!A so seriously, we all get reported... we all think appeals take too long.

    Time to start asking your questions about appeals and stalkers on the board...There is a lot more freedom on what you and your contacts can post without being reported.

    Good Luck with your appeals.

  • Gone
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    Read the guidelines, wait for your appeal on the first one. I think after you read the guidelines you might decide to save yourself an additional 10 points and not appeal the second.

    The first one wasn't a violation.

    The second one, if I recall, was a borderline rant, then you used the additional details to chat @/carry on a conversation with, your "answerers" - commiserating with them regarding violations.

    Having two questions reported is hardly being targeted and were likely reported by different users.

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    Idk man. Unless you contacted YA! and asked, they would tell you just to look at the terms and conditions again. Really, you would have no proof, if the guy on the other end is just biased against the questions you had asked. It's only between you and the admin. Nothing much you can do.

    Even if you appeal, there is not a great chance that it will get overturned. It's the guy on the other side that decides. I am sure it is like one person doing all this.

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    You can appeal against the violation notices. When you get the email about them, there will be a link for you to appeal, and state your case. It will then reviewed, and if upheld the violation will be withdrawn.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Appeal to the violation notice, i did, it worked mostly for me though i have been too targeted in this way also in the past.

  • Murzy
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    6 years ago

    did you protest the violation? there is a link on the violation email to do that

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