I need information about Charlotte Motor Speedway. What seat rows are covered by canopy on the frontstretch?


I am looking for the sections and row numbers in those sections that are covered by the canopy. I need specifics, not generics!

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    Along the front stretch from the 4th turn to where the suites start nearer the start finish line the top 8-10 rows are covered depending on what section you're in. But if you're gonna be specific to the front stretch area roughly from where the pit entrances begin and end much of it will be the top 10 rows.

    The middle part of the front stretch nearer the start/finish line doesn't have covered seating since they built a lot more suites in that space along there. Nearer the exit to pit road it begins again with cover seats along the top rows.

    I recommend any of the section in the Chrysler and General Motors sections for the best front stretch viewing under cover. General Motors would be my first choice since it gets you more to the mid point of the front stretch though.

    Here is a link to a seating map on ticketmaster. Zoom in on the map until you can see the individual seats as dots. In the upper sections you see spaces every so often where there is like a hole in the chart with seats missing. That is where the poles are that hold up the roof. Stay away from those poles since they'll obstruct your view. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0E004B5DDE7F5805...

    There are also some great seats under the condos in turn one in the Grand National Tower section. Those seats begin with the letters GT. You're not on the front stretch but you get the view of the cars coming right at you off the tri oval as well as out of the pits. Great seats too. Again, zoom in on that area until you see the seat dots appear. The missing seats higher up are where the poles are and indicates the beginning of the covered area. Looks to be about 12 rows covered.

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

    Below is a view from my seats near the start/finish line at Charlotte for the 2012 fall race. You can see the covered area above and the poles. That's mostly the Chrysler section in the upper left with the GM section on to the left out of the photo. In the far distance is the Toyota section which is more in the 4th turn and harder to see the front stretch from there.

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    Source(s): I have been to many races at Charlotte and I've sat in all of these locations. The past few years I been taking my chances with the weather and getting seats in the lower 10 rows at the start/finish line. I like this area best of all but if you're worried about rain it can be iffy.
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    Charlotte Motor Speedway Seating

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    Charlotte Motor Speedway Seating Chart

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    I need information about Charlotte Motor Speedway. What seat rows are covered by canopy on the frontstretch?

    Source(s): information charlotte motor speedway seat rows covered canopy frontstretch: https://trimurl.im/c45/i-need-information-about-ch...
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    the upper part of the seats that are out by the turns

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