can any hindu astrologer analysis my navamsa chart.?

date 29/01/1988

time 12.37 PM

place Seremban ,Malaysia

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    in your navamsha chart you have:

    jupiter in 1st house pices

    saturn 3rh house tauros

    mercury+rahu 5th house cancer

    mars scorpio 9th house

    venus+ketu 11th house capricorn

    moon+sun 12th house aquarious

    which means parivartana yog between 3rd and 11th house

    amavashya dosh in 12th house

    currently running rahu dasha and saturn anterdasha

    Saturn works best in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses

    saturn and venus are great friends and exchange of houses between 3rd and 11th is considered really good regarding wealth

    plus you have 4 dhan yogs in your chart (wealth yogas)

    lord of 1st in 1st jupiter

    lord of 2nd in 9th mars

    lord of 9th in 9th mars

    and exchange between 3rd and 11th

    so what is your question?

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