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Jolene asked in PetsOther - Pets · 5 years ago

Rabbit pulling hair from her cagemate...?

I have 2 female rabbits, they have been cagemates for almost 2 years. But recently one of them started plucking fur the the other (top of head and on back). The other rabbit is now developing bald spots from this. Any idea why this is suddenly happening, and how to stop it?

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  • 5 years ago

    This could be due to them hummping each other to which holding on to the fur from the back of the neck could be happening causing it to pull out. Other reason could be if the one is board then it will groom her sister too much causing the fur to come out. A way to try and stop this is to make sure they have lots of toys! Such as balls, tubes and you hide their food or treats to get them to stimulate their brain. This should resolve both issues

    Source(s): Animal care course
  • Back W
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    5 years ago

    get them into their own cage for awhile... like three months

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


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