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Why do men and women earn the same at Wimbledon Tennis when men play more sets?

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    Billie Jean King

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    Good question. I think the tennis authorities basically just yielded to years of pressure from the women's game. It smacks of political correctness to me. It's not just that men play more sets, but they play to a much higher level than the women. That's not sexism that's just a plain fact. Serena Williams herself would freely admit that if she played in the men's draw of a Grand Slam she'd be lucky if she got past the first round. And it's not even as though the women bring in as much revenue as the men. It always used to be the case and I'm pretty sure it still is that the tv ratings for men's tennis are much higher than for the women's. In virtually every other kind of profession apart from sport, earnings are pretty much awarded on a merit kind of basis. So really on that basis the women shouldn't really get as much as the men. I suppose if it continued like it was, on the face of it it does look a bit unfair and a bit sexist. So I think that's why they basically decided to do it

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    It’s is a gender pay gap

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    Women and men earn the same amount of prize money because they are competing for the same prize. The grand slams have determined that men will play best of five and women best of three. Regardless, the title is the same and therefore the champions should earn the same. Tennis has it right … and they have had it so for quite some time, It's US Soccer and the rest of the world that needs to move forward.

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    Men and women earn the same at slams , masters tournaments and premier 5 events are basically the same , same with atp 500 , 250 events compared to premier and international events for the women

  • Chuck
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    Tennis players are paid for WINNING TENNIS MATCHES.

    Their pay has nothing to do with time on the court, the number of sets played, or the score. Winners earn money, losers do not, OR losers earn less money than a winner. At the big pro tournaments, everybody who gets in, earns something. The prize money increases, round by round, up the final.

    For this 2019 Wimbledon, the Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles Champions both got 2,350,000 British Pounds. First-round losers got 45,000 pounds. Losers in the first round of the Quallies got 7,000 pounds. As of 15 July 2019, One GB Pound = 1.25 US Dollars [approximately].

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      You have missed the point of the question

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    SJW bullshit. Nobody cares about women's tennis. People have parties and barbecues for the men's Wimbledon final, and do their housework when the women's final is on.

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    because people are gay

  • Because revenue and ratings are basically a wash between the men and women.

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    As it relates to all Men/Women earnings sports controversy, the equation should be variously determined w/ equality tables relevant to revenue. This equation should be continuously in the state of flux as the numbers change. That's why a formula is needed for consistency. I believe the lack of a formula is residual sexism.

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