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Hi, the doctor said I have high cholestoral and right they are trying to reduce my cholesterol level by asking me to consume pills?

(i think it's called monacol or something). Anyway, i'll be going for another blood tests after im done with my 3 bottles of pills. I honestly dont think relying on pills alone will help. Is there any other eating habits that I can adopt in order to lower my cholesterol level naturally.

i'm not a big eater but i do like to snack on junk food or microwavable food or fast food during lunch since its convenient and i have tons to do. And my weight is 46 kg(101 pounds) so I though im good since i hardly gained weight. but now i rly need to start changing my dietary habits cos i dont wanna rely on pills to get my health back on track.

Apart from cutting down on unhealthy food, should I start eating oatmeal for breakfast? Cos I usually just eat instant food or cookies/biscuits or potato chips for breakfast. I'm not into oatmeal but I'm guessing its easy to cook?

1) WHich oatmeal should I buy cos there are quite varieties of oatmeals at supermarket! should i go for rolled oats/instant oat/ quaker oats? How do I cook it? Is it better to cook over the stove or soak it in milk while adding some honey, blueberry and leave it in the jar overnight?

2) Should I start drinking goat milk at night. I dont drink cow's milk cos it gives me phlegm. Is goat milk better for people with high cholesterol?

3) should i buy packets of walnuts from the supermarket and snack on them?

4) I should start eating more fruits and veggies right?

any other suggestions?

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  • Louis
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    5 months ago

    You should avoid foods that contain cholesterol. Your body will still continue to manufacture cholesterol on its own but you can cut your blood cholesterol by eliminating animal products. Plant-Based foods don't contain any cholesterol.

    And you should increase the level of fiber you consume. That is why people keep recommending oatmeal.

    Animal-based foods don't have any fiber. So if you stick with a plant-based diet you will automatically increase the fiber in your diet.

    Any Whole Foods Plant-Based diet will work and there are any number of books on the subject. Check your library for one. Forks Over Knives is good. How Not To Die is also good.

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  • 5 months ago

    Oats (rolled oats are the best) are great for reducing cholesterol, I like instant oats because rolled oats take longer to cook, instant oats literally take 1 minute in boiling water. As for goat's milk, go for it.

    Here's a sample meal plan for lowering cholesterol, 3 meals with 2 snacks


    1 cup oats mixed with 1/2 cup blueberries

    8 oz goat's milk

    8 oz OJ


    2 oz walnuts


    Salmon burger with lettuce, tomato and tarter sauce on whole wheat buns

    sweet potato fries

    bottle water




    6 oz grilled chicken breast over 1 cup brown rice

    large salad with light dressing

    bottle water

    Source(s): veteran athlete
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  • 5 months ago

    1.) Any type of whole grain oats (like quaker oats) are the best in lowering cholesterol levels. Buy an oatmeal that is whole grain. Oatmeal is quick and easy to make. The way I make it is I put about a cup of dry oatmeal in a bowl, pour water in it until it reaches a little bit past the dry oatmeal's height, then put it in the microwave. It usually cooks within 2 minutes, but make sure to watch over it because it can rise pretty quickly when warming and spill out the bowl. When you see it rising toward the top of the bowl, stop the microwave. When you take it out of the microwave, mix it around a little bit with a spoon. Then add almond milk and sugar/honey and berries of your choice.

    2.) Goat milk is actually more fattening than cow milk. It has a higher percentage of saturated fat, which can increase your LDL (bad cholesterol). Since cow milk isn't doing you much good, could you try almond milk instead? It's actually a very healthy choice of milk and a much better choice than any animal-based milk.

    3.) Walnuts are a very good choice of snack as it can decrease your cholesterol as you eat it on a daily basis. It is full of good fats and not the bad fats that you find in cookies, chips and animal milk.

    4.) Yes, fruits and vegetables are a big factor for lowering cholesterol. Substitute these for your morning potato chip and cookie snacks.

    Exercise is also proven to reduce your LDL bad cholesterol and increase your HDL (good cholesterol). HDL can reduce the risk of heart disease and get rid of bad cholesterol in your body, so you want your HDL levels to be in the high range and LDL to be as low as possible.

    Read your nutrition facts and stay away from especially these two things: Bad cholesterol and Bad saturated fats.

    There are foods that are high in bad saturated fats, such as:

    Cookies, chips, pizzas, red meats, cheese, milkshakes, cupcakes, ice cream. Basically any type of junk food.

    Every food that comes from animals also contains dietary cholesterol. Some more than others. Watch the nutrition facts if you're buying a food that comes from an animal.

    The most prominent is eggs. Don't eat them!

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