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Narcissism under diagnosed in females? (Read my theory)?

Read my theory and say what you think/if I changed your perspective

This type of girl exist in large and growing numbers and they are seen as gems to society. All I see are symptoms of narcissism which are labelled as “confident” (so less likely to get a diagnosis). These are common traits in females nowadays.

They’ll manipulate others without shame. You know when girl’s are in the wrong so use tears as a weapon to make you feel like an asshole unless you let the situation go.

They try compete, intimidate, demean, bully and gossip other girls and play this whole game of trying to make each other feel insecure.

Their lives centre around constant attention and approval and we see it on social media constantly. It’s always girls self harming and and putting it on social media, stripping down for likes, posting mirror shots of their asses and asking for likes/followers on Instagram.

They have a sense of entitlement and self importance, expect nothing less than to be chased after, asked out first, paid dates, compliments despite a large number of other girls being more relaxed about that stuff

They often lack empathy for what they do too but society just labels these girls as “savage”

If a guy did those things he would be instantly labelled a narcissist.

This isn’t something girls “grow out” of I see plenty my age+ (20) doing it.


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  • Iampro
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    5 months ago

    If you seriously think that girls who strip down/post mirror selfies on Instagram for likes or gossip/tear others down aren't considered narcissists, you need to stop smoking whatever crap you're on.

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    • Iampro
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      5 months agoReport

      No, it means you spend too much time on instagram and not enough at a Church or library.

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  • C
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    5 months ago

    It's very much the other way round. Have you ever looked at the diagnostic questionnaire used in the US for narcissism? It's available for free from the University of Chicago's psychology dept. It's … interesting. I spent a rainy afternoon once filling in the questionnaire as both male and female at two year increments in age with exactly the same answers just to see what would happen. (Yes, I'm easily entertained/ procrastinate over doing the dishes.) Two things stood out to me. Firstly, with age the threshold to being diagnosed with narcissism rises, meaning in effect that the older you are the more acceptable it is to have a good opinion of yourself. Secondly, there was a big gap between males and females with a much lower bar for females. Males are socially allowed to be more confident and to like themselves before it's considered problematic, I was surprised and not a little angry because a major flaw in the diagnostic survey is that it doesn't directly measure the training and practice a person may have had. For example I don't think it's unreasonable for a 25 year old female who has won multiple awards for something, let's say polymer design, to have greater self esteem than some poor guy who's reached 55 after a series of dead end jobs. Whether life has been fair to him or not he doesn't have anything to be proud of that's tangible proof of his skills. Yes, I did pick two extremes deliberately, but you see my point, don't you? These are the criteria on which medical decisions are made.

    Also, if I've not read your "theory" before I've read enough nearly identical posting to know that it's a straw girl you've built there. It really doesn't represent real life. It's like aliens managed to view Mean Girls and a few episodes of Real Housewives and used that as a basis to explain the whole of human civilisation. Twenty is an interesting age. You're definitely not a kid anymore, but oh man, you don't have a clue how much you don't know yet. It's understandable The 20s are when people are all wrapped up in themselves just trying to figure out how to get by and thinking that everyone else has somehow cracked it (they haven't). Don't get trapped in your own spider's web of theorising. Not only does it get fetid like a bunch of teenagers dutch ovening each other in a tent, but it holds you back too.

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