A JUDGE rules that a COMPANY is liable after their employee DIED shortly after having sex on a business trip. Do you agree with the judge?

"A French health insurance provider ruled [that the man's] death was a workplace accident, a decision that TSO [where that man worked] attempted to appeal, stating the employee's death "occurred when he had knowingly interrupted his mission for a reason solely dictated by personal interest, independent of his job, after he has an adulterous relationship with a perfect stranger," court records show.

However, the insurance provider argued that sexual intercourse "is a matter of everyday life, like taking a shower or having a meal," and should, therefore, be covered by insurance the same way any other employee behavior exhibited on a work trip would be. It also noted that TSO had not submitted evidence that Xavier "interrupted" his work schedule to have sex with the woman.

The Court of Appeal in Paris ultimately decided to uphold the insurance provider's original decision, noting "it is common ground that sexual intercourse is an act of everyday life." The decision entitled the deceased man's family to undisclosed compensation."


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  • Yeti
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    It took me a bit to understand that it was the man's *health* insurance provider who wanted it ruled a workplace accident, so that the workplace insurance had to pay instead.

    He was on an overnight business trip, and basically on company time the whole time. If he had a heart attack climbing the stairs during the trip, or similar, I'd view it as company time as well. He wasn't doing some radical deviation from what people do when gone on overnight business trips. It's not like he decided to go skydiving and got injured that way. And for that matter, it sounds like the heart attack happened later, after the sex, not during.

  • Athena
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    11 months ago

    The person WAS on company time.

    He away from home and family on company business. If he slipped in the bathroom and was hospitalized the company would be responsible.

  • 11 months ago

    They don't hold the company liable for anything. They deem the man to have been at work at the time because he was on a business trip. This is for the purposes of paying out life insurance policies or some such.

  • 11 months ago

    This is the first I heard that it was an insurance issue.

    I thought I heard the widow was blaming the company for his death.

    My position based on the facts as you present them is that any insurance payment should be on the same terms as if he had the affair at home.

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  • 11 months ago

    Never confuse the law with what's right and wrong , or even common sense -- lawyers and judges dispensed with those ideas a long time ago .

  • 11 months ago

    The French have always been bonkers. Nothing new in that.

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