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How are Army units numbered?

AR 220-5, para 2-3 d(2)(c), "Divisions; brigades (except those organic to divisions); regiments; groups; battalions; squadrons; separate companies, troops, batteries, platoons, and detachments; and other separate units are numbered in series within a branch, ..."

Does that mean regardless of size of unit? So there couldn't be say, 4th Transportation Company and 4th Transportation Battalion? where there can only be one unit regardless of size with the number 4?


I'm not talking about Divisions. My question is about service and support units. Engineer, Quartermaster, Maintenance, Medical, Signal, Transportation, MI units.Numbered Brigades, Battalions and companies.

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    AJ- I know your answers and you for quite a few years in this section. And have always considered you one of the more intelligent users in this section. So I really don't feel bad now admitting this. I have wondered the same thing. And researched it myself. And can honestly say. I have no freaking idea. There is plenty of information(which I'm sure you Googled yourself). But nearly every page contradicts the previous pages. Like everything else the military has done/does. It's layered under so much red tape/military regulations/myths and just plain confusing information that my eyes would bleed(figuratively). But I can say this using the USMC as an example. My last posting was to Alpha Company 2nd Marine Battalion 2nd Division II MEU. IF that is what you mean by using numerical units. If you find any other information. Copy and paste in comments or give links. There are hundreds of them but most confuse the crap out of me.

    Today is 10/10/19 and I'm returning books to my local library. We have a pretty good Non-Fiction military section and will see if I can find a good reference. Will update.

    Update- 1550 hours 10/10/19- Everything I found was historical and for combat arms. Not one book nor even reference on support unit designations. I have a few suggestions from the history librarian. If this important to you that is. You can e-mail the Library of Congress/Military History Section. Or the US Army Section of Military History. I'm sorry AJ, I tried. If you get any answers I'd be grateful if you let me know via one of my posts if this gets buried. Good Luck.

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    some units are numbered with historic unit numbers

    there were never 101 divisions, yet we have the 101st airborne division

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