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Can he take me to court and win?

So last night i was at my ex boyfriends house and we started arguing, he wasnt listening so i started yelling. i was trying to leave but he held my car door open and wouldnt let me leave so i got out of my car and shoved him, hes bigger than me so i didnt have much of an affect on him. just enough to close my door and leave. His neighbor heard the commotion and told him he has cameras and he is willing to give the footage to my ex and use it against me. so my question is, will i get in trouble for shoving my ex even though he grabbed my car door and was trying make me stay?


Also I live in CA, not sure if that helps

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    Your ex is full of it. Tell him to take a hike.

    If he had anything on you, he has two choices. Call the police and file criminal charges. Since no one was hurt and nothing was damaged, the cops isn't going to bother.

    Or, he can take you to small claims court and sue for damages. He had no damages so he has nothing to sue for. The case will be thrown out of court.

    Take care.

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    You defended yourself, he was effectively holding you captive.

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    The footage will also show that your door was being held in an illegal attempt to stop you from leaving. Tell this neighbor this and say, "I'm calling your bluff on this. I hope you DO show it to the police. In fact, I'm calling the police and asking them to ask you for the tape."

    And you should do just that. File a report.

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    You can use force against like force. I can't tell from your story whether or not the force was warranted.

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    If footage shows that he was preventing you from leaving by holding the door then he will not be able to have charges brought against you for shoving him. If he tries then you should counter sue for him physically preventing you from leaving.

  • So what's he going to claim? If he goes to the police claiming you assaulted him, they'll laugh their heads off. If he tries to make a civil claim, you took reasonable and reciprocal action to prevent him obstructing your car.

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    Be cautious. Some people have been possessed or replaced by skinwalkers/demons/aliens/solid ghosts/zombies these days.

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    Of course not. Unless after you shoved him he fell and hit his head or you shoved him into a furnace.

    If he is OK then there's no problem.

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    Maybe. There's always another side to this story. Was the relationship ever physical? Was it reported? If you truly felt threatened stand by the video.

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      If he tried to stop you, I’ve got no 8ssue if you pushed first. The video can show what happened but not what was said, correct. You were scared and he tried to intimidate you, unless I’m missing something, you mat face charges, but I’m not seeing a guilty verdict, but what do I know.?

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