I want to build a solar charging station for my pc and mobile phone. It is standalone. So what do i need?

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  • 9 months ago

    While this isn't a comprehensive list (as I'm likely going to overlook a few things, like tools & such), here's the stuff that you're going to need.

    1) A Solar Cell Array -- This will depend on how much power you want to generate, but the general idea here is "Larger is better".  The larger your array, the more power you could generate.

    2) A Rechargeable Battery -- This will serve as your "power bank" that your solar cell array will charge & your PC & mobile phone will discharge.  Costs on this will vary based on the construction of the battery & the capacity (Larger capacity is better & some types of battery construction is safer than others).  A Deep-Cycle Lead Acid battery is probably the best, affordable choice for this type of project.

    3) Power / Voltage Regulator -- This is mostly for the power output side (where you're going to plug in the device you want to charge), but it regulates power (mostly the voltage) that goes through to the device you want to charge.  This helps you to prevent your devices from going "poof" (releasing it's "magic smoke") & voiding your warranty.

    4) DC (Direct Current) compatible connectors -- There's really no reason to convert the power from DC to AC (which comes from your outlet) & then BACK to DC.  This is easier for mobile phones as the USB ports are DC by default.  However, unless your PC is a laptop (which could support DC power), you'll have to get an AC converter for it to work (which, your desktop's power supply will convert it back to DC).

    There may be a few other items I might be necessary for safety & compatibility, but this should get you the basics for a functional solar charging station.

  • 9 months ago

    Solar Panels, Wiring, Regulators, <optional> Wet Storage Batteries.

    Already Available at retail (Amazon.com) form 20$US to 100$US

  • Dze
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    pc or laptop ... theres a big difference in power requirement .. a simple 12v cell setup with just about any cheap charger for 12v or cellphone should work to charge a battery .. depends how fancy you want it to ..

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