H7 LED Lightbulbs BMW E46?

I currently drive an 04’ 325i and I installed led bulbs, the fitment was correct everything installed properly, or At least I believe it was installed properly. At night they don’t beam down and forward, it’s more so beaming facing the side the bulb is on and slightly tilted up. Only example I have is something like this: \   /. Sorry for no pictures, thank in advance. 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    The housing/cone is NOT designed for an LED.  That is all.  LED bulbs have a different light pattern.  Put the stock bulbs back and your problem will go away.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    And you want to know...what exactly? You haven't actually asked a question here. Oops. Try again.

    On most vehicles, adding LED bulbs to a headlight housing that wasn't designed for them often results in aiming and brightness that fails federal standards, either being too bright or aiming poorly. Be careful that you don't get ticketed for that because from the sound of it the result you achieved will only blind and annoy oncoming drivers.

    Did you install the correct case holder for your vehicle? I'll bet not, or it wasn't installed correctly. Even if it was, there is no guarantee of a satisfactory result because the headlight assembly wasn't designed to accommodate them. 

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