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Compared to the adults, why should child tennis players get unequal pay for otherwise equal work?

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  • 7 months ago

    Child tennis players don't make any money for anyone, so they shouldn't get paid anything. Who's going to pay them and with what money

  • Chuck
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    8 months ago

    Playing tennis tournaments is NOT an hourly  job, or even a salaried job.  Pro tennis players *only* get paid when they win, except for the very, very lucky few at the top, who get fabulous endorsement contracts. 

    Now, *some* players at the top, get some money for showing up and playing their first-round matches in tour-level events.  The longer they stay alive in the tournament, the more they get paid. 

    If they go into a slump and fail to win for a significant amount of time, their ranking drops and they no longer get a good paycheck, or any paycheck, just for showing up.  They must now play the qualifying tournaments to get into the lucrative tour-level events.

    The vast majority of junior tennis players (under age 18) are amateurs.   College tennis players have *traditionally* been amateurs.  

    However, now, with the new emphasis on paying athletes [mostly football players] who bring millions of dollars to the school they play for, that may already be changing.  NCAA Division 1 athletes, who work 100% of their time on their sport, can hardly be called student-athletes.  What a joke!

    The NCAA used to have a rule demanding that players never teach their sport for an hourly wage.   That was too "professional."  The NCAA seems to have said:  Don't you *dare* make serious money teaching hourly tennis lessons in the summer!!!

    The NCAA allows Division 1 tennis coaches to import their *entire* lineups from foreign countries.   And so, American kids often *cannot* get a full college scholarship, unless they are near the very, very top of the national junior rankings, or have a strong ATP or WTA ranking. 

  • Tennis players are not paid: they compete for a prize money. And, when it comes to sports, the more the audience, the more the money. The number 200 football (soccer...) player earns more than the nr 200 tennis pro and more than a top-10 curling player. How many people watch women's tournaments compared to men's?

    By the way, there's no prize money in junior tournaments and 15-year-old Cori Gauff was going to earn a million dollar from sponsorships before winning her first pro match ever.

  • Bryan
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    8 months ago

    I think pay should reflect value. In this case, the question would be how much money can be made from a child tennis player as opposed to an adult. I suspect that there is more money to be made from the adult due to more royalties for televised games, endorsements etc. If that is true, then the adult is more valuable and should be paid more.

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  • Lili
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    8 months ago

    Mainly because most don't play in the adult tournaments, and they don't play adults, so it's not "equal work".

    If a 17-year-old wins Wimbledon, playing against a 25-year-old, he or she gets the same prize money the adults do. But playing in junior tournaments isn't equal to playing on the senior circuit and in major adult tournaments.

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