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I need help writing an email to my teacher.?

I need to send an email to my teacher asking him a question for my presentation for another class, but I forgot to ask him at school.I was supposed to ask him this question at school and the teacher most likely knows that I needed to ask him at school, so the email must also include an apology for not asking him the question while I was at school.

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    Easy answer. The exact opposite of what you just wrote. You repeated yourself way too many times. This leads to annoyance. Be respectful and present your situation. Just say something like:

    "Dear (Insert Teacher Last Name),

    I have a question that I was supposed to ask you at school. I apologize for not asking while we were there. It is for another class that I am presenting in.

    (Insert Question Here)

    Thank you for helping me.


    (Insert Name Here)"

    Chances are that if this is a high school class, your teacher will not see the e-mail until tomorrow. I'm assuming this is not college because my semester just ended tonight so you may be too late.

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    Top 10 Strategies for Writing Effective Email

    Write a meaningful subject line.

    Keep the message focused.

    Avoid attachments.

    Identify yourself clearly.

    Be kind. Don't flame.


    Don't assume privacy.

    Distinguish between formal and informal situations.

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    Dear Mr Smith, I should have asked you this earlier but forgot. Could you help me with this question please?

    Your name.

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    This is not a big deal, just write what seems right. As a retired teacher I can tell you that students seldom make the effort to contact teachers when they have a question. With email the excuse that a student didn't know what to do is just about the dumbest thing ever and no excuse. Don't fret or over think it, just email him or her.

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    Dear Mr. Teahcer,

    Greetings, I’m sorry, but I seem to have forgotten to ask you a question about my presentation today. My question was if we had to....

    I appreciate your time, and I hope you have a great weekend!

    Sincerely, Student

  • Why do you need to apologize for not asking at school? Just state your question with a thank you.

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