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What is the dark web. Who created it? Is it just an internet browser and what’s on it? ?

Full disclosure- I will never try to access it nor do I have any interest.. pure curiosity. Is it just like it’s own separate internet or like a separate web browser like chrome or what? Who is suspected to use it? I know people selling drugs, but any groups in particular. Who runs it? Who created it? Any information feel free to drop below let’s start a thread with any info you wanna drop about it 

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    its private servers running the same web services as usual, but that is not registred in the default DNS worldwide internet WWW, it need to be access using the IP address and some sites need a user and password to decripty the data. its a web without laws because it is more private, it is not public.

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     Hi. Take a look at some of these videos that should answer most of Your questions, including any new ones You think of while watching them.

       And the odds are that You REALLY don;t need to go there for anything, so why take the risk?.


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    It's web sites that are not on Google and very often do things like sell illegal items.

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    I think deep web is a better term. surly you know this internet. it is like a surface internet or compare to a chess game.

    The deep web is like an underground layer web, or like 3D chess.

    Where the web sites go that get shut down or those that just don't want exposure to search engines. Not really the illegal, but sure makes it easy partaking of deep web service.

    Sites have unconventional addressing you plain browsers can't access so takes a different form of browser. Again, all legal and open to public, but a warning,,this is where hackers hang out and easy to get hacked if not anonymous and behind a VPN yourself.

    There is a deeper,,darker web, where sites are just not found, and like a super private club, you need to be invited literally on a personal level to get to these sites.

    One hickup, the address changes, and those secret members brought up to speed.

    Selling the drugs online,,not illegal until you purchase illicit or even legal drugs, same with guns,,buy all you want, but you buy a stolen gun, now the law is broken. even laws regarding the shipping of weapons. You can buy brass knuckles at your local pawn shop, but probably illegal just to posses.  So there ya go.

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    This is one of the least defined and most misunderstood terms today. First, there is no real "dark web" contrary to what people like to say. There is no single location. Think of the term as a general description of web sites that are claiming one thing, but actually are present to infiltrate your browser and ultimately your pc when you connect - and then after the infiltration, it can download spyware, key loggers, etc and basically send back somewhere all the critical info like passwords to bank accounts, credit card numbers, etc. You would not know until after you were hit and the damage done. It is not like the old adage, the "bad neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks" as it is not localized anywhere.

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    i think you first need to understand what the regular internet is and how it works. the internet is more than just websites. and it isn't something that can be "taken down", like people often think.

    here, i wrote this article some time ago that should clear everything up:

    any questions, feel free to PM me.

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    Google it and there is all the answers to your questions.

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    It's a series of Internet-connected websites that cannot be accessed by normal browsers.  Rather, you must use a special browser, in particular TOR.  It's known for its high security, making it virtually impossible to track down users.  At least in the US, it's not illegal to access the dark web, and there are many perfectly legal websites there.  It's developed its reputation due to the numerous highly illegal websites there, including for the selling of narcotics.  Stay away from those or you are subject to arrest.

    Like the normal Internet, there's no one manager.I haven't used it myself, since there's nothing there I would be at all interested in.

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