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I am looking for Addy Wong,he was born May 19,1962 in Kangar.?

I am Japanese woman ,live in KAMAGAWA JAPAN.

I am looking for Wong Ching Guan,he is my old friend.We met in Tokyo JAPAN about 30 years ago.I do not know that he is live or dead now.If you have any information,please let me know.


I  had a mistake,he was born March 19,1962.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Unfortunately no one here can find the person you are looking for BUT if you know his name and you remember what he looks like, I suggest you try to find him on social media. More and more people of the older generations are starting to join the web. Start with Facebook, it has 2.3 billion users.

    If that doesn't work, try to remember when and where you met 30 years ago. If it was a university, they will probably still have the records of his student information, which you can then use to find him. Same goes with some work places. 

    Good Luck

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