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Should I Complain about my hairdresser?

Last night after work I booked an impromptu hair appointment at

8:15, the earliest appointment available and they closed at 9. I had never been to this place before. In the beginning this stylist was very nice, but after washing my hair and seeing how tangly it got (my hair is super long and fine) he grew increasingly short and eventually told me he should have “declined the appointment because we’re definitely not going to get out of here at 9” which I thought was highly unprofessional. He also told me very condescendingly that I shouldn't book in so late and proceeded to make me feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome as he kept making remarks about how we’d be there past close:( I get my hair is long but as someone who manages 4 lash techs I would NEVER tell a client they are a burden for coming in when I told them to. Also keep in mind when everything was done I had left by 9:10. You’re going to treat me like this over staying 10 past close when there are other clients still getting their hair cut who left at the same time as me? He went on to tell me that I need an “on call hair stylist” because my hair wasn’t “functional” mind you I’m the one who deals with it everyday and aside from the fact it’s tangly when I wash it it’s fine... and he didn’t say it jokingly. He was completely serious. Is it worth complaining? My hair is fine but from a customer service perspective... yikes. 

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    Yes, you should absolutely complain. I cringed and felt uncomfortable just *reading* about your experience. Yikes! Having to be that close to a stranger, soaking wet and unable to leave, and being talked to that way.....ugh! As soon as he realized HE made a mistake by accepting the appointment, he should have just decided to manage his time differently next time and NOT shifted the blame on to you. Also, what the heck does "functional" even mean? Okay, maybe your hair tangles easily. He could have said, "Your hair tangles easily. You might consider a shorter cut or a braid. See you next time." There was no valid reason to insult you or to displace his frustration on to you. I've never complained or sent food back in my life at a restaurant, but I'd absolutely email the owner over this. That kind of nastiness is costing other employees good business--and even worse--putting innocent customers in terribly unpleasant situations. If you put a stop to it, you'll be helping the business and whoever ends up sitting in that chair next.

  • Jahal
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    10 months ago

    You should definitely contact the manager or owner.

    He probably had a thirsty grinder date that night

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    Just dont go back ever again

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Yes of course you should don’t hesoy

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Yeah I think you should, that’s unprofessional 

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    10 months ago

    This is not "your hairdresser."  This was a stranger that you won't see again UNLESS he did a really good job AND you can get there in time to avoid drama. 

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    Oh get real tangles would NOT bother a true stylists in the least.  They have may conditioners to help release the tangles so what is your real problem?

    They are tired at the end of their days too so stop being a complete b@tch who went in right at closing for all practical purposes with long stringy hair to deal with!

  • If they close at 9 pm then that's not the 'earliest' available appointment, that's the latest appointment you can book. If you know you need more time the book an earlier appointment it on the weekend, or an hour or two before their closing time. You're kind of ranting much which can get you reported by the way.  

    Usually most hair stylist want to go home when the salon closes, a few may stay past closing if they need to. Staying 10 minutes past closing is just rude as a customer in any business. I don't recall ever being at a salon past their closing time.

    Maybe you shouldn't book appointments so close to their closing time. 

    If you think it's worth complaining about the do so.

    Maybe it's time for you to find another stylist that can cater to your schedule.

    I used to work in retail and I hated when customers were still lingering in the store after closing time. By the way I'm no longer in retail.

  • Liz
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    10 months ago

    He obviously doesn't seem like a skilled stylist. You probably shouldn't go back.

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