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Could my physical therapy make me hurt more?

I got into a wreck last month, rear ended at a stop light. Started PT about 1 week after, at first it was just massages and electro therapy and stretches. After the first day i thought i was about to die i was in so much pain. Muscle soreness, painful neck, was like i had the flu...the next day i was okay and after that I’ve been fine. Recently they’ve changed my routine, no more electro therapy...stretches, massage table, and treadmill and bicycle for 15 minutes each. My neck is really stiff now and hurts a lot, it’s hard for me to hold my neck up strait. My arms are also a little sore as well. I don’t exercise at all at home, and i wasn’t exercising before the wreck either. I also have a headache. I tried to sleep it off and i took a muscle relaxer but the neck pain and stiffness still remains. What should i do? Could it be the physical therapy?? Thanks in advance

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