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Feces on sex toy?

Hi, sorry this question may be TMI.

My boyfriend and I decided to try out anal sex. Of course prior to anus-to-penis contact, one should "train" the anus to prevent injuries/pain.

We have tried butt-plugs and (flexible) beads, which I had no problem with. 

However, we recently tried a longer plug (or a solid bead?), and each time I used it, there's a bit of feces on it. It makes me so insecure and just want to avoid it all in all. 

How can I avoid this problem? It is only with that solid longer bead. 

Thanks in advance. 


I'm aware that some fece residue is completely normal, but it seems a bit more than "residue". 

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    For the sake of discussion I'll assume your anonymously posted story to be true.  For anal play to be clean, it's very important to take the time to clean out the rectum.  That requires a lot of water through the use of an enema kit or the hose from a handheld shower sprayer.  There are a lot of sources where you can read instructions on how to do this, but basically you fill the rectum with water until it feels full and then expell the water.  Keep doing that over and over until the water comes out clean and you don't see any traces of fecal material.  When it seems clean, inserting some fingers can help release any remaining water that's trapped, as well as help you check for cleanliness.  When you see nothing, and especially if you smell nothing either, you're clean enough for anal penetration.

    Now, you didn't say how long that longer plug/bead is.  If it's longer than 7 or 8 inches, it could push past the inner sphincter muscle at the top of the rectum and get into the colon, which would not have been washed clean with the water.  That can carry back out fecal matter that the toy encounters deeper in, and/or allow that material to enter the rectum.  While it is possible to rinse some length of the colon clean for deeper penetration, it's quite difficult and very time consuming to get it even relatively clean.  If you don't plan on going that deep with a toy (and don't have a partner well hung enough to get that far), don't bother with colonic irrigation.

    Getting thoroughly clean will make anal play far more pleasurable for everyone involved.  But keep in mind the nature of the rectum and colon.  Even if you get so clean you're oral-anal clean (ie. clean enough for oral-anal play), it is possible for penetration of a toy or penis to accidentally draw out fecal material that you didn't expect to be there.  Don't be embarrassed by it.  It's just an inconvenience that will require some more rinsing out before continuing with the fun.

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    It is normal to have fecal matter in the rectum.

    Use a condom (even on toys) to avoid cross contamination.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    that's what happens if you stick something up your @ss, what do you expect

  • 12 months ago

    you probably have diarrhea

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