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Why was Philadelphia important in Colonial America?

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  • Because it was the centre of the soft cheese industry.

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    Philadelphia was central to all the states and thus easier to meet in a good location. It didn't take long 1803 before we acquired a third of the country we have today with the Louisiana purchase.from France.

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    OK, I'm a native Philadelphian.  My take might be biased.

    First of all, Philadelphia was the largest city in Colonial America.

    Secondly, but more important--William Penn (a Quaker), founder of both the

    city and the state of Pennsylvania specifically permitted anyone

    regardless of race or religion to settle in his region.

    It was only natural that this would be the birthplace of American freedom,

    despite the fact that Penn himself owned slaves.   Quakers after him

    denounced slavery.

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    The Port of Philadelphia was established more than 300 years ago during the colonial period, and was for a time the busiest port in both that period and the earliest years of the new republic, finally being eclipsed by the Port of New York.

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    It was at the center of Colonial America life; politically, socially, and geographically. That's how Pennsylvania got the nickname The Keystone State.

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