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Is a contract signed by someone under the age of 18 legally binding if there are no adults involved in the making of it?

In my school, two of my friends and I created a club. My friends are 16 and 17 years old, and I am 15. We decided to share credit, power and ownership of the club through a written contract, so that if one us went against what we had agreed upon, we would have written proof.

If we created a contract to share credit for the club and its achievements, would it be legally binding? The only people involved in the making and signing of the contract would be us three. I can't wait until we're all 18 or older, as we'll all have left school by then.


I forgot to mention that this is in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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    Contract age is 21. Someone who is 18 involved in the group is entirely irrelevant.

    No, contracts by someone 15-17, and for that matter someone 18-20, is not legally binding. 

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    Not in the US. One must be 18 (or the age of majority in the state you are in, some are over 18).

  • Yeti
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    10 months ago

    Exact laws vary by location.

    Minors (and/or their legal guardians) can be held to contracts to some level. For example, if a minor buys a car, runs down its value, then tries to get out of the "contract," they still can be liable for the lost value they've caused.

    As far as your club, that doesn't sound like a valid "contract" regardless of age. There's nothing of obvious value being exchanged for something else. In adult land, it more likely would be establishing a legal partnership, and the process to do it would need to occur. In teenage land, if someone doesn't honor the "contract" you mainly can tell anyone who cares that someone doesn't honor their promises.

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    In the US, a minor can disavow a contract while still a minor.  

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  • Clive
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    10 months ago

    No.  It's absolute - under 18, you do not have legal personality and cannot be held to a contract.  It doesn't matter who else is involved, it just can't be enforced in court.

    Still, you could write club rules just for your own benefit.  Which would be an interesting exercise, but they couldn't be legally enforceable.

    Just out of interest, consider the law of tort.  This covers what happens if there is no contract or agreement but damage or injury is caused so the victim of that damage or injury should be able to sue.  Let's say you cause a guy under 18 to have an injury and his parents want to sue for the medical bills as insurance didn't cover them all.  They can't sue you, because you don't legally exist except as an appendage of your parents with the rights of a child.  So they'd have to sue your parents.  I've seen that happen on "Judge Judy" - yes it's not a real court but it does work using real law.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    No, a contract signed by a person under 18 is invalid in the US. Not worth the paper it is written on.

  • Rick
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    10 months ago

    nope .................................................

  • 10 months ago

    It's not legally binding. If one of you decided to cheat, a Court would not adjudicate.

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    In the US, that "contract" is not legally binding on you and your friends. Minors can't be bound to contracts (with some special exceptions). On the other hand, if one of you goes against this agreement, then the other two can unfriend him/her.

    If there's more than a few hundred dollars involved, then it might be better to have an adult involved. That adult *can* be bound by the contract, including what it says to do in case of an disagreement.

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    The "age of contract" is 18 in Northern Ireland. It is 16 in Scotland, but you aren't there.

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