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Why is there a lower threshold for what constitutes being under duress for women? If an influential man wants sex, you can leave the room?

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    The point is that very few men lose jobs or have careers destroyed because they refuse sex with a power player in their industry. It’s not like Harvey Weinstein was just grabbing women off the street to rape and harass. Mira Sorvino was a freakin’ Oscar winner when he blackballed her. She should have been able to expect more professionalism from him.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    And then be fired...and not have anywhere to live or food to eat... Are you unable to make these leaps because you live with your parents or because it would never happen to you?

  • Piero
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    8 months ago

    As I read the stories of the #MeToo ladies, I always want to ask them why they didn't leave the room. They were not physically restrained, in any way. They were in an office setting. Why didn't they scream and/or ask for help? Most of them had been offered a very lucrative career position in exchange for the sex. In reality, that makes them prostitutes. Why do they think it's OK to come back and accuse their benefactors of rape and coercion. This isn't a "lower threshold", it's a different dynamic.  It wasn't "duress" at all, it was business.

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  • 8 months ago

    "Why is there a lower threshold for what constitutes being under duress for women? If an influential man wants sex, you can leave the room?"

    The original feminists were adamant that women only needed to be granted full emancipation along with equal Rights to men in order to be freed from the shackles of "oppression" and be on their way with full equality to men.

    That was over 100 years ago now.  Yet the goal posts for what feminists feel "equality" means has changed several times  now.  Ridiculously, it's getting to the point where feminists really expect a return to all the female privileges and protections that women were grated by all of society prior to their emancipation ..with the expectation that women keep their emancipation and Rights anyway.

    For those that don't understand what I mean, it's like giving children full legal equality to engage in any adult behaviour they choose.  But as soon as their choices get them into trouble, they still come back and blame their parents who have no say in what choices they make or how they choose to behave.

    For the moment, feminists win this battle because most men still treat women preferentially even in our times of supposed equality.  This behavior is obliviously a built in evolutionary outcome.

    Understand this though.  No other emancipated individual gets the privileges that women do.  No short man, or weak man can demand that society protect him from the men he fears, even if those men he fears are bigger, and stronger and more aggressive.  The concept of agency is that you take care of yourself as an equal to all others.  Feminists demanding that equally emancipated women -only- , get such a privileges is like a child asking for equal Rights with no corresponding Responsibilities whatsoever.


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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Having different standards makes it easier for colleges to expel males in cases of consensual sex, the woman later regrets.   It allows women to claim even though they consented and appeared eager to have sex, they were actually under duress.    

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If I had the strength of a man, yes I would just leave your room. I would simply beat his if he tried to stop me. But in most cases, this is not how the situation plays out in reality. I would try to avoid the chance of severe injury.

    And hopefully, the perpetrator doesn't try to pressure/exploit the victim into having sex in order to avoid some consequence. 

    Edit: Of course they get legal protection, Jerry. My mom’s friend is a prison psychologist. She does mental evaluations on criminals and investigates sexual assault/ gang violence cases that occur in prison. Some men get sexually assaulted while they serve time. Fight or flight is a common response to fear, but there is also a freeze response. People typically freeze if they’re worried about other repercussions.

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