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I think I might have anhedonia?

Ive been struggling with anxiety for over 2 years now and I literally just stopped going to my therapist because I was doing so much better. I wasnt worrying as much and was feeling happiness and joy. Since friday night though I havent been feeling much of anything and all this weekend i havent felt anything. Im worried I have anhedonia and its depressing the **** out of me. Can anhedonia just come out of nowhere though? I mean friday I seen this girl I really like where I work and I felt like I was on top of the world but now whenever I think about her I dont feel anything. I did previous to all of this worry I would stop having feelings. This is going to sound dumb but I would think to myself what if i can make myself stop feeling happiness and whatever the hell else im feeling thats giving me joy and then I would stop feeling it. I obviously have a mental problem. I swear its always something im either worried or depressed about. Does this sound like anhedonia?


Am I just worrying too much? Could that be the reason I feel like this?

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    i just think you are overthinking and worrying unnecessarily, try to find ways to relax -goodluck.

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     I don’t know if you were put on medication while you were going to the therapist. Because some medications actually can cause that. I know from my own personal experience. When they started putting me on the heavy duty stuff after misdiagnosing me years ago, my son who was a little kid at the time started asking me if I was ever going to be happy again. They literally changed my personality overnight with those drugs. I stopped laughing and singing along with Beatles music while I was driving with him in the car, stopped having fun with him, it all ended. I just became totally apathetic withdrawn and depressed. Vegetative, basically. Then later on I started crying all the time alternating with getting extremely angry. But believe it or not I just don’t laugh anymore. Remember laughing recently and it was amazing because somebody just said something that was very funny and I haven’t laughed that way in a long time. But that was it. Nothing before that for a long time and probably nothing after that. I don’t even smile anymore mych. I just have to really force myself in certain social situations so I don’t seem completely antisocial and screwed up. That’s how much damage the drugs did. They actually damage your brain literally. And your brain controls it all, to a certain extent. .So I hope you’re not on these drugs or if you were that you’re no longer taking them, and the effects can linger. In my case they’ve lingered for years since I’ve been off the drugs for almost 3 years now. They didn’t a tremendous amount of damage personally. The anhedonia was just part of it. If this doesn’t apply to your situation I apologize. But I’m just mentioning it in case it does. Or for anybody else who may be in a similar situation. Very few psychiatrist will tell you of the considerable dangers of these drugs  when they prescribe them. Otherwise would anybody take them? Of course not. Then they wouldn’t have a way to make a living would they?

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