I need some help what question can I ask parents that have had a child that committed suicide from being bullied?

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  • 10 months ago

    You can't actually go around asking people questions, you know. There are guidelines for ethical research. Students in universities have to get their research approved by an Institutional Review Board before they can gather any data from people. The point is to minimize damaging from experimenting on people or gathering sensitive data. I hope your teacher has better sense than to suggest that you go out and grill parents whose children have committed suicide. You would do far better to get permission to survey kids about whether they are bullied and how it makes them feel. 

  • ron h
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    10 months ago

    You don't ask anything unless they begin to talk to you about it. You tell them that you're really sorry that child died and that he or she was a wonderful child with a really good future and life won't be the same now. I've not lost a child but I lost a 35 year old nephew, largely to drugs and drinking--he didn't have to die.  He was like a son--he was in my /my wife's home for a LOT of his life.   I'm an old guy and fairly tough, but after 3 years, I still tear up when I want to talk to him, but I can't.  PART of my tears is because I wonder what I could have done over the years to get him through.   My point is that the they have both grief and guilt.  The child is dead---his parents will always wonder what THEY could have done; what they should have seen. Not only is this child gone, but MAYBE they could have kept it from happening.   So ask no details because they don't know the answer. Ask them what you can do TODAY or tomorrow to make their day just a little easier.  Pick up some food, HELP wash the dishes. (allow them to do something "normal" if  they want to)  Take out the trash?  Go to the cleaners for them, or the grocery store.  or offer to. You could ride along if they want company.  When they're ready to talk they will. Listen, but ask very little because they don't know. 

    Source(s): Parents NEVER know everything about their children's lives. I could talk to my dad about ANYTHING, and sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. My nephew was like that--there was no limit to what we could talk about, but of course, we DIDN'T talk about EVERY thought and doubt. That can't be done and should not be done.
  • 10 months ago

    This is for my research for student that are being bullied that committed suicide

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