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I want my ex back, what can I do?

I miss him! I miss everything about him. I genuinely love him. Why? because I feel safe. Our energy is magnetic. I love his smile and how he smells. I love how he makes joke that aren't really funny but makes me laugh. I love reassuring him he's amazing.I love how he opens up to me. I really feels he's my best-friend. I wonder why he didn't choose me.I feel he has avoided seeing me because he may not be completely over me. When I look into his eyes I feel like our spirits speak. Before the split I could literally think about him and he would text me. Every-time! Does he not understand my love for him? I feel that he'll be back yet I don't know how long. I'm still in love.

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  • Alan H
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    8 months ago

    Sorry, but it happens.

    Hard as it is, move on 

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