In your opinion, which religious scholars still retain the roles of "elders", that were involved with preventing the misrepresentation?

Of lawful religion?

And, why have Satanists often taken liberties with "facts" in favor of a preferred fiction that favors their position?

Now, this is not permitted to be used to claim instigation to violence or the application to false interpretation of religious values.

It however can be used to guarantee the validity of an American court, in the hand of an actual Constitutionalist.

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  • 8 months ago

    "Elder" is a priesthood office, not an honorific. The apostles didn't magically age men. They bestowed a priesthood office on them when they made them Elders.

  • Justin
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    8 months ago

    The U.S. founders clearly defined 'genuine religion' and distinguished it from 'false religion' by its connection or lack of connection to natural liberty.

    'Natural liberty' is the only genuine form of liberty traceable only back to nature and nature's GOD, whereas 'license,' (the false form of liberty offering corrupt and unjust opportunities to the 'privileged'), is government's version, and 'licentiousness,' (the false form of liberty offering opportunities to violate conscience, ethics, morality and law), is the criminal world's version.

    'Genuine religion' therefore is any ideological establishment offering ONLY natural liberty while any ideological establishment offering or requiring 'license' or opportunities for 'licentiousness' is defined as 'false religion,' regardless of what name it takes, mask it wears or social structure it assumes as it functions in society. 

    Anyone guarding against the infiltration of either government influence or criminal influence into religion is one of our 'elders' and part of the body of guardians known as the 'vigilant.' That includes those who admonish us after the fact and assist us in a return from 'slumber' as we cleanse genuine religion of any traces of either corrupting influence, or, alternatively, dissolve an existing religious order or establishment after identifying it as irreversibly corrupted by one or both of these influences. 

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  • Anonymous
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    This is a bit of a non sequitur, but that article makes me physically ill. Reading about a scientist who came to America and was arrested upon arrival... I can't read stuff like that. It's bad for the structural integrity of my walls.

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