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Do feminists think that women aren’t powerful enough for prejudice against men to be considered sexism (prejudice + power)?

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  • Foofa
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    9 months ago

    The honest ones recognize that all forms of sexism are bad. But much of this comes down to some believing that having to share power is somehow a form of abuse.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    That's the argument. Women have no power on their own and thus cannot invoke any harm upon a man which means they cannot be sexist.

    The only people who redefine prejudice to be "okay" if you're a minority are those who are bigots in the first place.

  • 10 months ago

    Academic works, including feminist ones, sometimes define 'racism' and 'sexism' as prejudice + power, narrowing their focus to prejudice against minorities.

  • 10 months ago

    "Do feminists think that women aren’t powerful enough for prejudice against men to be considered sexism (prejudice + power)?"

    Yes, absolutely.  Feminists claim that equally emancipated women, with full agency, and equal Rights to men, are an "oppressed" and "marginalized" class.  They further claim that men as a class have some sort of "power" over women and society, despite the reality that only men suffer institutionalized discrimination and sexism at the hands of the state.  Legal discrimination.

    Here is the truth then.  This magical male "power" that doesn't actually exist, but feminists sense, is obviously due to our biological differences as men and women.  Feminists feel dis-empowered at their very core as biological women compared to men.  And so the feminist idea of "gender quality" is to grant women enough privileges so that they feel that their biological shortcomings will be evened out by systematically discriminating against men.  THAT is what they consider to be "gender equality".  It's an equality of outcome by brute force against men.  Discriminating against their rights, including the right to an equal opportunity.


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  • feminists like to make excuses for women to abuse men... be careful of feminists

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    That’s what feminists argue.   They argue sexism is sex based discrimination, but only when it’s the  privileged sex promoting this discrimination.  (Privilege equals power they claim).   They claim males are magically granted male privilege which makes them the powerful sex, so there is no such thing as sexism against men.   

    It’s amazing anyone buys such nonsense, but that’s what they claim.  See source.  

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