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Abusive Parenting?

I have OCD, I just got tested to see what level I'm at. But all my life I have had to listen to my mom say that everything I do is weird. And sometimes she makes feel terrible about my "rituals". She says what I do is disgusting and makes her feel like she walking on eggshells. But I cant help it. But sometimes what I do, even if it does not hurt or effect her, she sends me to my room, or she gets angry and keeps me from doing things, or curses at me, which causes me to retaliate and display the same argument about me not being able to control it. I really don't know what to do because her doing that and having the argument and keeping me from going outside or doing things I wanted to do (in today's case go skateboarding) causes me to cry and go insane because of what she says to me and she threatens to call the cops or have my dad pick me up when im in my room crying and angry when she caused the situation. Most of the times though, its not even caused by my OCD, sometimes my hair looks messy or im wearing the wrong type of socks and she says I have to stay home until i fix it, and I cant fix the sock problem because i cant find more socks, but she says im disgusting and embarrass her and look like a homeless kid. It makes me feel horrible and go into "a mental breakdown" according to her. My whole family except my dad and grandpa thinks im mean to her. I dont know what to do with her and she threatens to call the cops on me? I dont want to go to jail. What do I do with her?



Update 2:

This was a repost of a question on r/advice that i didnt make. I just wanted to help the original poster by asking other people on a different platform. Answers will still be taken.

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  • Foofa
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    9 months ago

    Once you start treatment things should improve. Don't look at the present as the future because OCD is something that's usually pretty manageable.

  • Pearl
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    10 months ago

    maybe you should call cps

  • 10 months ago

    You plan and prepare for adulthood, kid. Get OCD meds, get your head on straight, think about the future.

    Get a job, save money to move out after graduation.

    Or concentrate on getting scholarships to college and move far away from her.

    plan for the future so today is liveable.

  • 10 months ago

    I don't see abuse, just a spoiled child who needs to get over it. 

    You need to stop mouthing off at her and grow up and move on. You cry for attention and due to you not getting attention and whine you are going insane when you are not. 

    Its good she won't let you do something after you mouth off to her and behave like the spoiled brat you are 

    The cops won't do anything since there's no abuse and she should call your father since you wont stop crying for attention and act like a spoiled brat. 

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