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Is this ethical adoption practice ?

A person posted a husky for adoption. Tells a story of abuse and rescue from the roads. Got people interested for adoption. Then when agreed , the person asked for money saying she had paid for the vaccination , spay surgery and it's beautiful crate. When asked to share the cost by 50% , the facial expression changed to hostile. 

How do you handle this amicably and is it ethical for a person to do that ? 

Is it a form of scam ?

Is money is involved , why not post it as husky for sale...rather than saying it's for adoption ?

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    "Adoption" IS the same as a sale.   Doesn't matter how you look at it.   Even if you go to a shelter, money is exchanged when you "adopt" a dog from there.

    Did you think it would be free?   Adoption fees discourage flippers and dog fighters.   Fees also discourage people who aquire animals on impulse and are not prepared for an animal.

    Its reasonable to pay something for a dog that is recently and completely vetted.

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    If you were to adopt this dog from a rescue, pound or shelter, there would be an adoption fee. If the dog is something you would want, I would share the cost for the sake of the dog.

    It may not be a real adoption since she is not in a rescue to adopt the dog out. She just has a good heart & helped this dog but for what ever reason she can't keep the dog she is selling it. She just used the wrong words, it is not an adoption it is finding the dog a good home & share the cost of saving this dog.

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    You are BUYING a dog not adopting it. Shelters and rescues adopt. They vet the dogs and every thing and you pay a tiny fraction of what they paid to take care of that dog 

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    Even if you adopt ethically via a rescue centre they ask for a fee, the only difference is someone wanted a free dog and is prepared to search free ads to get one, reality is you have no idea if it is what it is advertised as, eg has been vet checked, why it is really being off loaded and someone willing to risk that and wanting it for free is not the right home......... a dog is alive animal and needs thinking about carefully and planned for it is not a computer game or toy and someone who wants something for nothing has not thought about that and/or can't afford a dog in the first place. I think neither the person who has the dog or the person adopting are ethical, the whole transaction is based on an emotional one

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    You adopt from a Shelter.   You BUY from an individual.   If this Husky was 'rescued from the roads', and these people kept him, they have stolen him so he's not their's to sell.   And it's perfectly reasonable, btw, for somebody selling a dog, to be able to ask for money.   Even if the price is minimal I believe all dogs should have a cost, if just to show the people wanting the dog, are serious.

    If the dog was found, it should have gone to a Shelter where the legal owner would be checking and hopefully reunited with him.

    People don't always know the difference (meaning) between adopting and selling.

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    Well it's not from a shelter so what made you think it was an adoption in the first place? What they want to SELL this dog for is entirely up to them. You can't negotiate with them because they'll just SELL it to someone else. You're an idiot to be BUYING this dog. Go adopt from a shelter. But then with your attitude I doubt any shelter would allow you to adopt.

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