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Is it always a red flag if a lady asks you for money?

Hello, I was wondering if it's always a red flag if a Filipina (or any other woman overseas) asks for money or some form of financial assistance. This is after you've met her and you both decide you are committed to each other. I am well aware that it is part of their culture that they take care of the parents and family. I know it's a red flag if they ask for money right away, especially shortly after you've met her and gone back home. But is it always bad? Any acceptable time period before you can help her out? 

Let's say she's working but she doesn't earn much. If you two are committed, isn't it fair to help her out of she needs it? I mean, guys go into these relationships with very unequal socioeconomic between the two.

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    The answer is a definite yes. This is nothing more but an outright scam. Anytime a Filipina asks you for money upfront, this is a very big red flag that must always be taken seriously. She's setting you up to be scammed. Never give her not one cent of your money. This is the time you end all further contact with her ASAP. Remember when you don't give her anything, the scamming attempt against you will be thwarted. She can move onto her next unlucky target to scam.

    Keep in mind most Filipinas wouldn't ask you for money at all, but a very small number of them do that. All they want is your love and understanding when starting a relationship with them. It's people like her who give all other women an extremely bad rap when it comes to these scams.

    You can still find true love online, but use your common sense and pay attention to this and many other warning signs of a romance scammer waiting to strike.

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    Yes.  Run if they ask for money.

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    Tell her you want to move to her country and not sponsor her for immigration to your country. You will also renounce your current citizenship so even your children will only be citizens of her country. See how many seconds it takes for her to drop you. 

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    Maybe, maybe not. Do you watch 90 Day Fiancee? Some of the people from other countries do seem to be out for money and the green card. But there are also some very happy couples. In one case, the bride was from Thailand. Her family did expect a dowry that was more than the men could afford, but they worked something out, and the couple is still married two years later, and they seem very happy. 

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    YES. I really don't understand why so many people are looking for friends and relationships overseas when there are plenty of people in your home country.  There's so many scams out there!

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