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Why do feminists try to instill a victim mentality in women?

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    "Why do feminists try to instill a victim mentality in women?"

    Because they have to now in order to satisfy their ideology.  Since feminist "theory" denies that there are any differences between the sexes while presuming any different behaviour is socially constructed, then they HAVE TO assume that any discrepancy in outcomes MUST BE due to sexism.  Enter the victim mentality where -everything- is sexism against women. According to feminism, women=victims.

    Feminists first deny evolutionary biology. Then they mandate everything that falls in line with biological nature that they dislike, to be "sexism".

    If feminist "theory" was extrapolated to things outside of gender, then they would claim that Basketball is racist because there are too many Blacks there. See what I mean? All men on average, have more muscle mass than women do. Yet every male/female outcome is supposedly "sexist" if there isn't 50/50 male/female representation?

    Feminism as an ideology is a poorly though out set of guidelines that contradict each other depending on the point being made. Feminism uses shame so that nobody will notice, or bring up their contradictions and double-standards.

    It's a house of cards.


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    It's an attempt at manipulating them into following their agendas.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It's a recruiting tactic. If the feminists make women think they're being oppressed, then they'll have an easier time getting women to join them

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Victimhood is a billion dollar industry. If you listen to the far left, the straight white male is the root of all evil. Liberals can't be trusted

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    Do you have a correct comprehension of what the word "feminist" means, hide-behind Anonymous?  I do sort of understand the concern you express in your question, and my mind immediately went to the NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who took over our 45th President (legitimately speaking) Hillary Rodham Clinton's seat in the Senate.  In my educated opinion, Senator Gillibrand went too far with her anti-men "Me, Too" sexual abuse militancy, but sometimes activists have to take a more extreme stand on a particular issue in order to trigger positive changes.  I think Senator Gillibrand went way too far when she chose to ignore real facts and tarnish a highly intelligent, incredibly effective Senator Al Franken (D-MN) whose accuser of "sexual harassment" was as bogus as "The Republican Noise Machine" of propaganda-dependent right-wing extremists exposed by David Brock (2004).  

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    On the opposite site "victim mentality" installs a "perpetrator" or "guilt mentality" into men. According to research in psychological warfare operations PSYOP "guilt" is the strongest tool to manipulate an adversary. Individuals or groups experiencing "guilt" question their own system of ethics and morality and become open for forcing the attacker's system on themselves, independent from the system's intrinsic value. Instillation of guilt also was and is used in commuist GULAGS and "re education camps" for brain washing inmates. Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter, Minorities, Third World States, former Colonies and the Holocaust Industry exist and live based on that policy.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Ťhåť is their diversion tactic & it works

    wondrs on the dumb Ditzy minds of Fmal

    Youth who ar too young to swallow any

    Ťruťh :>


  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    All they do is whine about nonexistent issues just because of their own inadequacies. That’s all.

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    There's a difference between instilling a victim mentality and exposing sexual inequalities. We've come a long way from the time women were legally forbidden to attend college, own a business or vote, but the inequalities are still there, and should be exposed and changed.

    Things are more subtle today, such as:

    * The "Pink Tax" (Google it!) where a girl or woman has to pay more for the exact same product than a boy does, simply because it is labeled for girls.

    * Woman's clothing is notoriously more poorly made than men's clothing. (Compare a woman's sock or t shirt to those sold for men)

    * Not to mention the lack of pockets in clothing made for women.

    * Although there are laws against it, women are often not hired for fear they will get pregnant or need to nurse a sick child.

    * Men are more often given promotions than women and women are often assigned to supportive roles in the office.

    * Don't get me started on how young girls are bullied into thinking they must meet unrealistic body standards and are worthless if they don't meet those standards.

    * Men still feel they have a right to touch a woman's body without her permission, and rape is often accepted and covered up.

    This is reality--not a mentality!!!

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yeah, it's kind of like donnie instilling a victim mentality in the GOP.

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