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Why would a man do this?!?

Okay I did post this question earlier this morning. I've been with this man for 12 years now and have a 4 year old daughter. Well damn here it goes. The past few months my guy would have his phone close by when he thought I was asleep, I began to hear low moaning so I thought. His phone never had a video playinv on screen it is simply blacked out just noise (the moaning) coming from his phone. So last nite after hearing this **** again, humilated, confused, and angry I went to sleel in the other bedroom. I told him I can't sleep with the noises coming from ur phone so stop. "What noises? Ur crazy." He stated. Than the moans would stop until he thought I was asleep again. Rude! And when I do leave thd bedroom, thats when he makes sure I hesr it even louder. And he does this ALL NIGHT. He never talks 2 the person he is listening 2 if Im in the bed with him. So he wants 2 make me crazy, Im not. And hw nevef talks if im in the bed, yet last nite I heard him talk 2 somebody, and giggle, and chatter. I couldnt understand whzt he said 2 this person. When.confronted he tells me I'm schitsophrenic. So yeah, is this just porn or him and another woman mocking me and getting off 2 it? So confused.


Sorry 4 mispellings. I have a lot of stress today. 

Update 2:

Not sure Y im being followed here. But okay. Is this mark from all the other questions I asked? 

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    8 months ago

    Do what these people are saying, record with your phone and replay it inthe morning. Thats the 100% easiest way to tell

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    You need to leave him. He either thinks you're stupid, or he just doesn't care enough

    to at least NOT do this in front of you. Either way, you should kick him in the ****

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    In the off chance you aren't trolling, use your phone to record the sounds his is making, then confront him and play it back - so he can't pretend like you are just hearing things.

    If the screen is off, then he's either getting off on the sound of pron, he's calling a sex line (I guess those still exist), or he's got a side piece (no way of telling how serious) - regardless, tell him to cut the sh** and be straight with you.

    If he wants out of the relationship then he needs to tell you so, and you need to work it out.  Having a kid complicates things.

    If he wants to be in the relationship (and you do too) then both of you will need to make some compromises and possibly get some outside help.

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    8 months ago

    It's your imaginary story, you tell us how it ends.   You keep posting idiocy like this over and over trying to invent drama in your sad and pathetic life.   If you don't want your man cheating on you work on your relationship instead of crying about it here.  How fat have you gotten since you've been with him?

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  • 8 months ago

    He's the one with the problem. Sad about your little daughter losing her dad - but he's driving you away isn't he. If he wants phone sex and disrespects you so much, what sort of life are you going to have with him in the future. I'd leave him if I were you - or chuck him out and tell him to go to his other woman because you aren't standing for his shenanigans anymore. It's up to him whether he stops it or tells you to go. Of course, allow him to see his daughter regularly. It's not her fault he's such a jerk. She will need to know that the break up is purely between you and her dad and that you both love her very very much - you just don't love each other anymore. Sad, but this guy is treating you badly and very disrespectfully and you shouldn't allow it.

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    He is gas lighting you, big time. Look up what that actually means.

    Yes, it does sound like he's watching pornography. What a coward not to admit it.

    Either that, or you are hallucinating. I would rip that phone away from him and see for myself what the hell he's up to.

    To your comments... I'm sure it's not easy to be in abusive relationship and you are right he is trying to ruin your spirit by destroying your self-esteem and self-worth. Continue to ignore him and go on a spending freeze, meaning that you do not buy one single thing unless you absolutely have to have it to survive. Then, sock the money away because you are going to need it when you escape that horrible marriage with that bastard. Begin today. Start going through every closet and drawer in your house so you can get rid of things or sell things that you do not need. Because when you move out, you're going to start over with a fresh start.

    I would start preparing to leave him because trust me, nothing is going to change other than getting worse and worse over the course of time. You need to save yourself and you need to save your child from that SOB. And if that means you make coffee at home instead of spending three bucks at Dunkin Donuts, and if you have to feed your kid macaroni and cheese for a month oh, you do what you can to save the money you need to get away from him. The quality of your life and that of your child depends on it.

  • 8 months ago

    Maby you can find out if he is into something weird and maby even you could try to role play what he is fantasizing about and try to do it together instead of doing it with someone or something else. One could try to fix the relationship But if he is cheating he is totally wrong and especially doing it infront of you and making you to be crazy and will not stop or change his behavior. People always say it's safe to stay together in order for the kids protection but for a kid to see their parents fight all the time and being unhappy together damage them as well. So I'm sorry if I'm talking out of my place but I personally would not stand for such behavior. You deserve to be happy and cared for. So maby leaving him if he continues to be dishonest and treat you like crap. You can always get joint custody. But imagine the pain of living with him for the rest of your life, lying to you, making you out to be crazy. It would drive you to be crazy and insecure and depressed

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