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What is the Lufthansa carry-on bag policy for people with disabilities/medical issues?

I flew Delta last year and I was able to have 2 carry-ons since one of them had all of my medical supplies in them and I did not have to pay a fee for having it since it was medical supplies. But I cannot find anything like this for Lufthansa.


edit: I do not use a CPAP or POC. My medical supplies consist of lots of medications and 4 different types of braces for my hips, knees, wrists and ankles.

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    TOO BAD your call did not go as planned. TRY AGAIN.

    The HUMANS in particular the special needs agent is your best source.

    The main issue is do you NEED this extra stuff during the flight.

    Airline staff are not your private medical team expert in every possible condition and need for stuff. YOU EXPLAIN and be HONEST with what you need during the flight.

    TRY email if phone not working for you.

    Email: ​specialservice@dlh.de

    For travellers to and from the USA, the Medical Desk in the USA can be reached using the following contact details (Monday to Friday: 09.00–17.00 hours): Eastern time.Tel.: ​+1-516-296-9580Email: ​nycmedicaldesk@dlh.de

    Be specific and measure stuff if you need too. A large size a big thing a small bag HAVE NO MEANING. How heavy in weight, how big in inches.

    Join the masses of every other passenger wanting extra free luggage transport.

    EXPLAIN  your situation for best accommodation.

    The rules of Delta are THEIR rules.

    Using the following checklist you can check quickly and easily whether you have made all the essential preparations for your flight.    I have informed my travel agency or Lufthansa about my reduced mobility at least 48 hours before departure and have listed my specific requirements.    These include: the use of special mobility aids and services    (e.g. being met with a wheelchair, taking my guide dog with me, etc.)    I have given Lufthansa the dimensions and weight of my wheelchair with which I am travelling.    I will arrive at the airport in good time – at least 90 minutes before departure – and will report to the special service counter or to the check-in counter.    If my reduced mobility is caused by an ongoing medical condition (e.g. recent surgery or a break or fracture, etc.), I have obtained a medical care form.

  • 8 months ago

    If it isn't on their website call them and ask.

  • 8 months ago

    Perhaps, rather than relying on strangers who may not know anything, or who might tell you the wrong thing, you could call the airline directly to ask them.

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