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Do the great apes have uvulas?

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    No they do not. This trait evolved in humans to keep us from choking and it also helps us speak. Great apes do not speak and their hyoid bone is located much higher up on the throat so they are unlikely to choke.

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    Your uvula is that plumb-bob of tissue that dangles at the back of your throat. ... Otolaryngologist Yehuda Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University looked for uvulas in nine types of animals, including sheep, baboons and chimps. Of all the animals, he found that only a few baboons had underdeveloped uvulas.

    Scientist Yehuda Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University investigated nine types of animals (including sheep, baboons, and chimpanzees). He found underdeveloped uvulas in some baboons, but not in sheep or chimps. › 2006/09 › animal-uvulas

    Animal Uvulas - Science Update: The Science Radio News ...

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    Only people and some species of baboon.

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