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Why want he just say move on instead of ignoring me?

Me and my partner got into a fight. When he gets mad at me he ignores me then goes ghost. I don’t understand why he just wont tell me to move on or leave him alone. Is this a silly game men play or does he want me to chase him. When I’m done with someone I just tell them to move on I’m not interested. Everyone is saying he don’t want to tell me to move  on because that is not what he wants and he will be back. Because if it was he would of told me to move on. I’m so hurt. 

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    He’s a typical man child. Only guys who are immature do that. I prefer to talk, men who need space to think after an argument aren’t that trustworthy or great communicators. I couldn’t date someone like that. I don’t think he’s playing a game, I think he just goes off in a huff when he’s mad or his feelings are hurt. If he’s not interested he would probably just ignore you. Don’t chase him, if a guys likes you. We usually do that. If he’s not interested, then it is what it is. Chasing a guy who ain’t interested is pointless. Let him come to you, you can’t baby him after he ignores you. Be mad, you have a right. If you put up with it. He’s only gonna keep doing it. Don’t go down that road. Tell him you need someone commutative and open. Honestly he sounds like a child. Tell him how you feel. Nothing gonna change otherwise.

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