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Would a simple affray charge prevent me from getting my Nursing (RN) license?

A while ago I was charged with simple affray but never convicted. The case was voluntary dismissed. The charge still exists on my record though. If I disclosed this prior to applying for my license to the BON do you think this will prevent me from getting my license? 

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    i would just try for your license and see, you might get it, i knew this girl that was working in a restaurant and was out on bail for murder, later she got put in jail, if she can work like that i dont see why you cant

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    1 month ago

    It could, yes. Most states won't give you a definite answer until you graduate and qualify to apply for a license, though.

    BONs, in general, consider:

    Your age at the time of the offense

    How long ago the offense occurred

    Whether or not the offense was an isolated incident

    If this happened 20 years ago when you were 18, you'll probably be okay.

    If it happened six months ago when you were 35, you might not be.

    Consider browsing this forum site for some personal experiences:

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