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What’s this about sex advisors and honor if wanting strange when married?

Remember when you were young and single ladies!  Did you need a counselor or advisor in order to spread your legs for multiple lovers?  I doubt it.  

How about honor?Was it honorable when you were sneaking out without your parents permission? Or dating and bedding multiple lovers at the same time?Why then does a married person need to jump all these hoops in order to get some strange?Married people aren’t exactly the pillar of society they pretend to be with all that cheating and sneaking around they do anyway.So don’t give me this lecture about honor or counseling or losing half your assets in order to satisfy an itch.  Totally ridiculous double standards the “happily married” folks have to deal with today.Can I color my hair purple and protest that I feel oppressed because of “muh marriage”Remember married lives matter too!Change my mind!

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    Your rage and sadness have clearly unhinged your mental state.  You really should come out of your sad pit, and stop pretending to be straight and married... it's just getting embarrassing now, little man

  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    I don't need to change your mind. You clearly got married too soon in life and haven't yet sowed the necessary wild oats to make such a union work. That's your problem, not mine, not society's. YOU made this unfortunate decision and only YOU can fix it (by either divorcing or trying to arrange an open marriage with your spouse).

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    If you want to play the game don't sign up for marriage. If you are already married (for real) then you should have been aware what that commitment is supposed to be.

  • lala
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    8 months ago

    OK you emptied your basket and you are feeling better now ;;good   for you 

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