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Can I sue the school for psychological trauma and suffering?

My 10 year old daughter used to be socially and mentally well balanced. She had a character that reflected an outgoing, happy, and confident individual. After an incident at school that involved another boy from her grade she just hasn't been the same. A staff member reprimanded my daughter for "manipulating" the story to get what she wants. The staff member suggested that my daughter needs therapy and that her crying was a sign of something bigger. She then asked if everything was okay at home. The staff member did not say this with a caring or concerning attitude , but with a disparaging tone. She humiliated my daughter in front of the office staff (no privacy on the matter). All of this because my daughter spoke out against a bully that inappropriately touched her in class. Me and my wife had a meeting with the school principal and counselor. They also suggested that my daughter needs therapy. I said that is fine but if there is any issue with my daughter, you need to tell ME. Not publicly humiliate a 10 year old girl for trying to stand up to a bully. The principal cut the meeting almost 5 minutes after I said that (it lasted about 40 minutes). Fast forward 1 year , and my daughter now displays a low self esteem. Anytime I mention that staff member's name she begins to cry and become frustrated about the incident. Her confidence is no longer the same. My daughter is no longer the same girl I had 1 year ago. All I want to know is if I can take legal action on this matter?

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    This might make a good screenplay or novel. That way you'll get paid for the drama.

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