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why would I experience hair loss ( balding/ thinning of hair) after having STOPPED smoking cigarettes?


I never noticed thinning until a few weeks after i stopped smoking cigarettes and now it has been two months and i still see thinning, why this would occur after STOPPING smoking cigarettes? (I thought smoking caused hair loss not the other way around?)

Update 2:

 It has been 6 weeks now since i noticed the thinning /balding area on front of hair line. and I heard that Winter time hair loss is more usual? and there is a "resting phase" that occurs every 3 years or so where hair does not grow back for 3 months? is that true? why? and maybe that is what it is? why it would coincide with stopping smoking cigarettes maybe?

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  • Laura
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    8 months ago
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    You are under a lot of stress because you stopped smoking.  More stress means more hair loss. 

    Find other ways to deal with your stress that aren't smoking cigarettes.  Once your stress is lower your hair will have a chance to grow again.  I would also take a multivitamin so your body has the nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    it still affects things long after you stop

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