How many representative participants and what sampling method should I use for qualitative research? ?

Our research study is entitled "CAPABILITY IN PERFORMING IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY RESPONSE OF THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN **" and we will use content analysis for that. The entire population is 556 and we don't know how much we should take as representative samples. And also literatures to prove how we came up with that number of samples. Hoping somebody could help. Thank you.

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  • 1 month ago

    A good sample size is generally in the range 10 - 20% of the entire population.

    In terms of a sample being 'representative' you need to avoid bias and select from across the whole population.

    i.e. if we have 556 students in the entire population and take a sample of roughly 20% we would need about 110 students.

    Hence, we could randomly select 55 boys and 55 girls across sections or classes in the school.

    The random selection of students could be taken from across various subject classes and levels within the senior population in order to give a good representation.

    Below is a useful link:

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  • 1 month ago

    Most studies pick a sample size based on the time and money they have. Often, a random sample of 30 or more is "good enough" But it also depends on how diverse your sample is. If you use 30 students, and they all score very close to each other, then you *might* have a good sample. If the scores are all over the place, then you probably need a bigger sample.

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