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Do you agree that Trump has done a great job of dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and it would be much worse if Biden was in Office?

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  • 2 days ago

    we have the same question here in the UK with the question asked....

               .do you agree that Boris has done a great job dealing with this coronavirus pandemic and it would be worse had Corbyn been in number 10?

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  • JSC
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    3 days ago

    Politics should be banned right now.

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Trump believes the same people who want a US shut down want it so trump won't get elected next election, he thinks it's all about him, what a fool.

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Wtf are you nuts?

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  • Ramiro
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    3 days ago

    Not if he has Kamala Harris with him....together they are a force to be wreckoned with...not even Jesus. and his disciples can intervene

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  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    -Governors and Mayors have started thinking about facing the reality they're put in a situation of deciding who's going to live and who's going to die. Which President in your lifetime has put our Governors and Mayor in that situation?

    Trump gave Cuomo 4000 ventilators. Cuomo now has 7k ventilators. New York's Apex is coming in 2-3 weeks. NY's data from Major health clinics like Weil Cornell is saying at that time they'll need 37k ventilators at that time.

    Trump has 20k ventilators reserve in the federal government. has the power but won't grant it to New York. NY is the first Apex to hit the US. 

    Trump is waiting for volunteers in the US to start manufacturing ventilators and medical supplies. He has presidential power to enact changing our US factories to produce our own ventilators and medical supplies. They should have been working on this by now. We're talking about thousands dying in the next coming weeks. We don't have time to wait for volunteers he needs to be commander and chief now and get our states making the medical equipment now.

    When Trump isn't acting fast enough HE IS PUTTING our governors and mayors in a position of having to decide who gets the medical equipment because of the shortage. Longer he waits more deaths will happen that didn't have to. Imagine if you had to decide who's going to live or die because you saw the shortage, you see the solution. you asked Trump to invoke is presidential power but he hasn't done it yet. Trump has 20k ventilators he is holding onto and giving only 4000. Imagine if you were a Mayor or Governor and had to decide which 20k people don't get supplies and has to face death. 

    Trump is getting approval by saying I'm giving people a nerf gun to protect themselves in a war. Imagine being in an actual war and dealing with the President giving you little ammunition you need and you have to shop around for your own bullets that don't exist for a coming bloodbath. It's the federal government's job at this point to step in and make the supplies and get our states ready. It should have happened before the US became the epicenter. It's the President's job to surround himself with the best and brightest in the world. The power and resources the President has access to. There's no excuse for the situation we're facing. The fact that Trump hasn't invoked his Presidential power to address the shortage of medical supplies at this point is a HUGE FAILURE. Trump has failed us as a President.

    New Presidents have to defeat a learning curve so typically their first term has alot of failures. Biden wouldn't have had to deal with the learning curve as far as the epidemic because he dealt with it as a VP for 8 years. Logically any man who's been around solving the problem of epidemics abroad and domestically would have done better than Trump because Trump has had 0 experience. Trump's mind wasn't trained for this so of course, Biden with more experience being around trial and error would have done a much better job. Trump would have done better being head of a special department of having to do with real estate and construction projects rather than dealing with all the world's problems as president. If you wanted a President not part of any establishment Bill Gates would have been the perfect person to deal with this epidemic before letting it become a pandemic. He's been thinking about the world's problems for decades. That's what a president needs to be made of someone who thinks about solving the world's problems.

    -It's our government's job to stay ahead of whatever is happening in the rest of the world.

     As the most powerful nation in the world we should have been ahead of this disease. S Korea and Singapore didn't have to shut down their schools. S Korea made their own test kits in a week. They didnt have to shut down their economy to the extent we had to.

    Also, we're the world leader. The US is supposed to innovate and lead. Be a model for the rest of the world to reference. Our government is doing the opposite right now. That's pathetic, a nation as advanced powerful and rich as ours reduced to copying and starting the year as a sitting duck to CoVid19. 

    -Trump is going to want to blame China for not being transparent with him but it's also our government's job to have our intelligence and spies involved to help our President understand when they're lied to or played for like a fool. That's another Failure. It's also the President's job to have his spies doing that work for him. If they didn't warn him that's also his fault. He didn't employ the right people. Also, everyone should know the Chinese government is always lying. For Trump to have trusted Xi Jingping was really stupid but Trump is the type of guy to bond with somebody trust their words if they say it and if the US intelligence says that person is lying Trump sides more with loyalty to the person he bonds with than what US intelligence agents say. Trump is a great bro but Presidents should not be doing that.

    There's no excuse our government didn't act sooner. China dealt with this in November and in January Trump was told this was going to be a global pandemic. Our previous administrations are usually involved before it gets to that point. Our government shouldn't be told, it's supposed to have already been involved with what's going on abroad to keep it from affecting the people here. That's protecting.

    Both S Korea and America 1st case of CoVid19 was in January. S Korea was proactive in January with test kits, social tracking, isolation and informing the public. We didn't see America proactive until March. S Korea at this point has flattened its curve. March 10th Trump was still saying we didn't have to shut anything down and that he had everything under control. That it'll go away. March 11th WHO declared the US as being part of the Pandemic and Trump had yet to inform the American public of the pandemic by this point. If it weren't for WHO Trump would still be calling it a hoax.  Obviously Trump found Covid 19 dangerous enough to ban traveler from China in January but he stopped acting until March. I don't believe Biden would have ignored like Trump did.

  • 3 days ago

    I would only agree if I had some type of traumatic brain injury.

  • e9601:
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    3 days ago

    You can't be serious! He is a moran who doesn't take this virus seriously.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    a great job your out of your mind he is a danger to everyone

    saying everyone can go back to work , if you take his word and go back to work you will seal your fate with the virus , great job brother you need to under stand he is not doing anything great

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  • 4 days ago

    I think Trump has done a decent job of handling this, but he could have done it sooner and he can do it better, if he can get his ego and his character flaws out of the way. As far as Biden is concerned, Biden is not in public office and so he doesn't have the authority or power to make such policy decisions. Whether Biden would have done better or worse than Trump is a non-starter question. Yes, Biden has had his moments of forgetfulness, but so has Trump. For example, it was Trump who said that the Kansas City Chiefs were from the state of Kansas and not Missouri, where they are based. Trump also brags too much about his abilities in areas where he has really no expertise, such as calling himself a stable genius, stating that he is smarter than everyone else. Just go ask all the people who he let go from their White House jobs about how smart is Trump. He's not that smart, he just has a lot of sheepish followers doing his bidding.

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    • gibbsmb
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      I am amazed  that posters such DrZ make statements that are primarily factual  with some reserved opinion & he gets a majority of thumbs down & labeled as stupid.. But, notice that he gets no intelligent rebuttal.

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