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When should I apply to Drexel or any other university as a transfer student?

So I'm fresh out of the military and still getting used to the college life. I've completed my first semester with 16 credits and a 3.9 gpa at my Community College. I'm currently enrolled into my second semester at college totaling up my credits to over 30 to transfer for the fall semester. However, for Drexel their deadline is April 15th and I will not have completed my classes for 30 credits by then. Should I still apply or wait until after I'm finished the spring semester to apply? My advisor has not been helping me out during this process.

I did not do very well in high-school and did not take the SAT/ACT because I thought I would be in the military and not need college. Thanks

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    You can apply while in your current semester.  They will see on your transcript which courses are in progress and will be able to see how many credits you will have completed by the end.  They will ask for another copy after the semester is complete and grades are submitted.

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