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What are the examples of gaps measurement in technical analysis?

hi there everyone, a beginner here :)

I know there are four types of gaps in chart pattern but are they equivalent to what gap measurement is? if not can you enlighten me? Thank you so much

what exactly is a gap measurement anyways? methods to measure gaps?

If you're here only to be rude than that's suck because you're just wasting your time really


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I've asked my professor whether gap measurements and gap types are the same and he said it's partially correct, Google seems like not a big help either

Update 2:

Pls, anyone... who knows what good things would come to you if you could help me with this... 

Update 3:

Anyways, I've found that it actually asking for methods to measure gaps but i couldn't find the answer anywhere on google or any scholarly articles and books, but I'll keep trying.. i'd appreciate if anyone could somehow enlighten me a little bit on this, thanks 

Update 4:

God.. does Yahoo even show this question to anyone..

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