Unappreciated boss?

I'm having problem at work. My boss complaining about work that I HELP! I help the company do job that is not in my job scope without getting paid. Now he starts to complain about it. Ask me to it faster, and many more. Come on wtf. Do you forgot? I'm just helping here. Maybe he really forgot about it. I'm going to confront him about this. But I'm not sure if I'm be able to stay calm or not.

2 Answers

  • 7 months ago

    If you have an employment contract specifying your job, you have a valid reason to complain.  But if not you do what your employer asks of you, or you find a new job.  It is really that simple.

  • 7 months ago

    If you're getting paid, then anything you are asked to do is not 'help'. It is your job at that moment. Job duties don't stay consistent. The discussion you should be having is what your duties are compared to what you want them to be or think they should be. If these other duties are below what you normally do, then maybe the issue is that you're too busy with the other stuff. If they are above the level you usually do, then maybe discuss with your boss training to get you up to speed faster. Or it could just be pure volume, regardless of what you're doing, that is the problem. Figure out what you think it is and come into the conversation from the right angle so that you don't sound like you're complaining and venting.  

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