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True or False: Most people don't amount to anything?

If most people follow the same script of life as others, does that mean they never amount to anything on a personal level? Ex; Get a stable job with benefits, get married and have kids. Doesn't this seem to easy to do? I feel like I want to play life on hardcore mode without going down that route. 

On the other hand; let's say that people consider amounting to something in means of getting a job that pays above minimum wage. Is a person still considered a "loser" if they are fully capable of graduating from college and getting a career, but they chose to quit and are happier being paid minimum wage?

If amounting to something doesn't mean anything in specific, who is to say that the person being called a loser isn't more talented than them in other areas in life?  

Just asking this question because I was called a b*tch in real life for stating this opinion. Someone called me a loser because I didn't live the usual script life, so I told them everything I said here. Most people didn't agree with me, but I'm just wondering if more people would agree with this online.  


Yes - child rearing is hard but that wasn't 100% my point. I guess my point was is that people EXPECT you to rear children. It's fine if it's something you are genuinely happy with, but whether or not people want to admit it society expects you to raise children whether you like it or not. That seems to be the hidden message I get when it comes to making choices in your adult life.

Update 2:

People act like you have the right to chose which direction you pick in life, but really what they seem to mean is:

Well, if you pick option A - you will have a very comfortable income, have lots of friends and be considered normal. Your life will be easier because you are accepted by 90% of the population.

If you pick option B - You will be happy with your own life but others will either not accept you or they will be jealous of this, and ostracize you. However, you will have more free time f

Update 3:

If you pick option B - You will be happy with your own life but others will either not accept you or they will be jealous of this, and ostracize you. However, you will have more free time for yourself to pursue your own hobbies and discover your own passions in life, even though they are not exactly mainstream. But they make you happy at the end of the day.

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    2 months ago

    I wouldn't say most people but as someone who hates themselves and doesn't believe they can get anywhere in life, people like that do exist. I definitely won't amount to anything.

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    False.  God created us all for a purpose.  The Lord says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God tells us that He created good pots and bad pots, because you can't no evil without knowing good.  Being rich is knowing the Lord and doing His will, because we will all end up in either Heaven or Hell.

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    Your perspective dictates what your goal is and why. If you want to be a human being, boom, you already are one. CONGRATS! As far as what mountains you want to climb, those are personal inclination. Goals are not externally found. They are found inside of yourself. Internalizing another's persons goals because you are scared to admit that you don' know what your doing, and that might mean that you are worthless, it on the highly toxic side of human reality. As for being "someone, or a somebody", it seems like you don't have goals of your own you are chasing. Chasing what others want it's healthy, and often these goals chased by other people are done because of anger, that you don't get to be you, and still matter to others or mean something. I'll tell you right now, that ALL people who want to see you harmed are holding onto envy and feelings of inadequacy, and you know what? They ARE inadequate. We ALL are inadequate. The goal is not to be ONLY ever a self-sufficient being, though that is amazing and liberating and def something to strive for, but to try to find your other half, who makes you feel whole. Meaning and connection in this world is what all beings that are alive strive for. WE ARE MEANING SEEKING MACHINES, some of us. Well some of us are. I've been told some people are dead inside if they aren't doing terrible things to people. I think I've said this before, but even you taking a dump in the wood is full of microbes who do God knows where else with your DNA, and who can say? But, those little beings may one day be the most intelligent and hopeful beings that find a way off this rock, and survive in space, and grow and learn and adapt. Nothing is insignificant, unless you chose to allow yourself to believe this. Good luck.

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    The secret to a happy, and productive life is to know what you want before you are eighteen.  If you know what you want out of life, you start planning for it, set goals, and have the self-discipline to do it.  Making bad decisions, addictions, and bad life choices only get in your way.  These things not only ruin your life but those you choose to be in your life. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    A good portion of people "get to choose which path they wish to follow."  Some religious sects do not give you a choice.  You are going to be a pigfucker like your old man...and work 50 years porking a lot of ham.

    . Or sheepshanker. Or dogfucker.

    .  In some other instances, you get a choice as they are more Liberal with new ideas.  The age of enlightenment .  People still don't add up to anything. Look at the US leader.  He is useless. Never did anything in his life.  Just lied about doing stuff but he did not do anything.  Just all mouth. He is worse than somebody who tries and fails at something.  He tries and fails at everything.  It is that obvious.  He can breathe on his own and that is his only accomplishment.

  • 2 months ago

    I would say True.

    We are nothing unless we think we are.

  • 2 months ago

    "Get a stable job with benefits, get married and have kids. Doesn't this seem to easy to do?" LOL - do you have any idea how difficult child-rearing is? No - it's rarely easy to make a living.

  • Murzy
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    2 months ago

    False                                 .

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    I think it is a question of values, and I'm not speaking about the values of morality.  Rather just the value system we choose to follow in Life.  I will give you an example from my own Life.  I am a Christian and happy in my own belief system.  Of course there are people who disagree with me, but we coexist together.  I have friends who are Buddhist, or Hindu, or atheist, etc. etc. We each live and let live because we are adults and we strive for peace in our lives. If you chose to go to a University and become a Professor of Law, that is your decision.  Or if you chose to do other things in Life with your free time, and you take a job at minimum wage, that really is none of my business.  Just as long as we can remain friends, it is fine with me what job or profession you are in.    

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I think you care too much.

    But I admire your interest in not living the norm dead beat ball and chain life. 🥴 It's for suckers who end up divorced or a doormat anyway. 🍹

    When it comes down to it.... kids aren't worth having. A spouse is not worth dying for. And the world is truly a cold place not worth raising a family in.

    😎 The good life is staying single forever and laughing at everyone else going through problems. 🥴

    Now we're going thru a pandemic and most of the 1.2 million in America are about to be evicted.

    Low income family housing in the suburbs has been demolished. 

    🥴 Was the traditional nuclear family path worth it? 

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