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Why are some higher education lecturers like this?

They give you a project to do ( I studied a creative subject). You read some of the tasks. You get stuck. Then you ask for help and they're telling you to re-read the tasks and do not help you further. They do not explain the task (which is their job after all). This happens week after week.

After a while they notice a lot of students' work isn't what they expected because the students do not understand the tasks since they were not explained properly. THEN they literally shout or lecture everyone about how we should ask for help when we're stuck as if we didn't ask for help week after week! It's as if they're taking the mick out of their students.

I literally asked for help politely for about 3 lessons in a row (the lessons were once a week or so) and the 4th time I didn't just ask, I complained and called the lecturer over and spoke to him, mentioning, 'the task seems random and jumbled' in a stern, louder voice than usual so that I wouldn't be ignored again. This time it worked. This time he wouldn't beat around the bush and actually did his job which was to guide me & explain the tasks so I could finally get on with my project properly.

It's not that I'm dumb, it's that sometimes tasks are written in a vague/ unclear way and you end up not knowing what it may be referring to.

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    if they will not help you to understand the materials they have given you, go to their superiors. talk to the dean...

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    It's their job to teach you how to think. 

    Can't do that while always holding your hand. 

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    He should tell what's going on.

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