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Migraines every morning, does anyone else suffer from this? How do you cope with them?

I've already been to the doctor for my migraines since I was 14/16 and have even had an MRI scan and said that everything seemed in perfect condition. Im 23 now and I still get migraines every morning. Whenever I bring it up to my doctor again he just says to get over the counter pain killers. I take pain killers every single morning(and they need to have caffeine or I don't feel any difference) it helps but I'm afraid I might become addicted or have long term side effects. On top of that they're getting progressively stronger. I've been waking up with swollen eyes which didn't happen in the past but now happens frequently. Has anyone been through something similar? If so, does anyone have any advice? (Ps I don't have insurance so going to the doctor often is not an easy option for me)

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  • 1 month ago

    it sounds like tension headache.. Try drinking coffee instead of painkillers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    sleep on a single hard pillow at night

    keep damp pillows in the sun to dry

  • Chanel
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    2 months ago

    I found acupuncture to be helpful but that was 15 years ago.

    I do not get migraines regularly but if I do I take Ibroprofen and it works better than codeine.

    I hope eventually you get things sorted out but it is worrying not knowing what the best medication is.

    In the UK we have an app Dr.IQ and you can message the doctor and they can read it and get back to you.

  • Marc
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    2 months ago

    Im sorry to hear you suffering like this.  There are other effective treatments available that do not require medication and do not cost a lot of money.  Chiropractic care and acupuncture are 2 that i have seen personal success.

    Please see this link for more options:

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  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    Sounds like spasm of your neck muscles. Try an Osteopath for gentle manipulation. Change your pillows, open a window at night.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I've been getting migraines recently after not having them for years.  Fortunately, I discovered the cause.  Before going to sleep I had been watching a lot of news shows.  Every time Joe Biden would come on I found myself gritting my teeth in frustration at this idiot.  Since I've turned off the TV at night my migraines have ceased.  I hope you find a simple solution like I did.  Good luck.

  • 2 months ago

    If you use any illegal drugs make sure to stop.

    This issue could just be dehydration, make sure to drink at least eight cups of water daily.

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