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Why did the Australian government bother giving their highest war medal today, to someone who died in 1942? Whats the point? ?


Teddy Sheean,18,  obeyed then disobeyed order to abandon ship and climbed back to keep firing machine guns at attacking Japanese planes to defend his crew in the water at mercy to the Japanese 

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    To Honor the Valor and Sacrifice of ANZAC forces. They made significant efforts to the overall Vicoty in The Pacific. We are coming up on the anniversary of VJ day!

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    the point , maybe it is because the recipirerent was overlooked , am sure quite a few brave men missed out , and its a way of doing the right thing for the family . it might mean nothing to you , but to be awarded is an honor .

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    Apparantly the nomination or citatation for the VC wasn't completed proberly at that time. But was not recognized by the Australian government of that day, but is now so reconized..

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    Why do you dishonour Teddy Sheean  you should be ashamed of yourself

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    Bill Clinton when he was President 1993 to 2001. proved he was not Racist like all the presidents from FDRwho said No African American will ever get the medal of Honour Bill decided they would and most were presented Prostumiously which poked FDR Eisenhower and Truman in the eye three 100% Racist presidents

    None of them presented African Americans the Medal of Honour

    Every Patriot deserves to be Honored even the ones for the South

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    --  Who was awarded the VC today.  I have not seen any news mention of one being awarded today. Also, where did he die, in North Africa or in Papua New Guinea?

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    You anti-patriots are boring.

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