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pandemics and really hot weather make me ask stupid questions sometimes ?

a question which only the factors I mentioned in my above question could make me ask such a question, which has yet to be asked btw.

The question is this:  What would happen if 'suddenly' our earth rotated 'the other way' (clockwise) just the once and then resumed its normal rotation on its axial tilt (counter clockwise) ?

if im not mistaken, and I rarely ever am btw,  it takes 24 hours (aprox) for our earth to complete its rotation on its axis.

im no expert so forgive me if I get this wrong, and I'm going to wager an intelligent guess or a guess that I've reached having 'thought about it' for a while.

IF our earth rotates the other way,  wouldn't that mean we'd see the sun and the moon rising differently ?  possibly the sun would now start rising on the west and setting on the east ?

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    Yes, that is right. If earth rotated the other way, all astronomical motions would be reversed. The sun would ride in the west and set in the east. 

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    I'm not going to do the math but the amount of energy required to instantly stop something with that kind of mass and cause it to rotate the other way would rip it into a gazillion pieces, "we" would not be alive to see anything.

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